Extent of a four point inspection?

Hello all,

What exactly must a home inspector do when inspecting the electric in a four point? Is there a minimum requirement? Is the full home inspection of the electric more in depth or is it the same as a four point? Can anyone clear this up for me?

Thank you for your help!

The electrical portion of a four point is just an overview of the service equipment and wiring type of the home. It is not a full visual evaluation of the entire home’s electrical system unless hazards are obvious. There is a Standard of Care involved with performing a four point, but not a written Standard of Practice.

How do you know what you are supposed to do in a four point if it is not written down? Is the standard of care uniform to every inspector around the country?

Some insurance companies provide a specific form that they may require for a “4 pt. insurance” inspection. I am not aware of a uniform “standard of care” for 4 pt. insurance inspections. Insurance inspections are typically cursory or limited in scope compared to a comprehensive home inspection. Many States, and most professional associations (NACHI being one of them) have a standard of practice for comprehensive home inspections. These standards (such as NACHI’s) typically far exceed what is typically required from an insurer for a “4 pt.” insurance inspection. If you are an inspector looking for a scope of work to define a 4 pt. inspection, you should start with the insurance company to see if they have specific criteria that they require for their respective company.

I am a little concern over insurance company owned forms. I just completed a so called “4 Point Inspection Report” for State Farm required for ALL HOMES OVER 6 MONTH OLD, yes that is correct and it is basically a full home inspection report.

Besides the obvious i.e. does not run in my software, I have to add a separate page for pictures (required) I am concerned that in spite of being a full inspection report because it is their own form I am not able to make any disclaimers whatsoever etc.

Has someone have had the same experience?

I have attached their form for your review.


Their form is basically “yes/no”, with room to add comments; type whatever you want to in that box.

You can always choose not to complete insurance forms for these carriers, but your customers won’t be happy…