Meter in closet

House has a meter on rear exterior with 3 service disconnect panels. There are 3 service panels on interior and one of them has an electric meter installed above the panel. Any thoughts as to why put a meter between the service disconnect and the service panel on the interior?

Perhaps submetering for a tenant? Was this a power company meter?

Yes. A power company meter. No tenants.

I don’t see a security tab on the meter cover so it may be for internal use only. Could be for a separate “home office”.

I can’t see your photo here, but had a similar situation the other day. Meter in the house with 4 subs. Actually 2 meters as hot water heatersused to be metered separately. The location was initially a little perplexing until I figured out that the finished space I was in was a converted garage.

Do you have a pic of the whole panel?