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I senior member asked.
Proper installation of a drain plane on brick facade, and how I think it should be performed.
Its all written in the books and rarely practiced except for industrial and applications. commercial.
Even then ???
This thead is open to discussion the subject.

The standard residential brick drain plan will consist of weep holes every 33 inches or less on center, flashing on starter wall.

Its the clean building practices, proper building wrap, moisture barriers, and tight copping or brick finish that promote proper drainage.:slight_smile:
Its asking for the imposable without constant observation.
I will ask for witness to your experiences please.

I see brick homes built correctly all the time. I also see them built incorrectly quite often and I’ve seen the decay that can occur because of poor building practices.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s an expert.



Personal photos or experiences.
I know all the proper building pratices.
So after the wall is erected. How did the other trades men finish there part of the building puzzle.
What was the part in framing, vapor wrap, etc.
My point being I am looking for witness ti visual experience.
I cam find loads of good builders GC’s. Do they have good men when the housing rush is on???
Do the owners maintenance there homes ??
Its the blanket statement I am trying to avoid, but rather get a handle on observations and visual defects.
I will post on my findings. I am sick as a dog and did not want to keep this thread waiting.
Not many masons here.

I have looked for pictures on the web with no luck.
I have never seen visible evidence ( rotted wood or decomposed drywall ) due to the lack of weep holes.
It’s the lack of ventilation that causes the most damage.
You will see condensation in one photo.
The other in the result poor masonry practices.
If you have any photo’s I would love to add them to my collection.

Robert, forgive me but I don’t understand. Your question(s) are rambling.

Here’s a thread for you.


I have inspected many newer and old brick homes with and without weep holes.

The other day I inspected a 14 year old one that had no weep holes, full brick all the way around. The deck only had flashing along the three feet under the rear door. The entire perimeter was checked and found to be bone dry. I pulled the insulation down and checked along the deck, around the front porch and other areas where the height above grade was lower. Everything looked like a 1-2 year old house. Again, 14 years with no weep holes, no problems.

Awhile back I was at a major repair job taking pictures for a draw company, huge,full brick house with weep holes, about 2 years old. An upstairs toilet had leaked and caused about 200k in damage. They had already removed the damaged sheetrock. I noticed other major damage unrelated to the plumbing issue. Rotted wall sheathing under an area with poor roof flashing that let water run by the end of a gutter down the outside of the brick. You could tell the water did not get inside the framed wall, simply down the exterior. The other damage was around an exterior door. Again, newer home, with weep holes and major damage in less than two years.

Sick for 5 days and I have a fever of 102. Lucky to even be thinking.
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I will pay attention.

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