Exterior Inspection House

Someone explain me, what are the FLASHINGS and TRIM in the house?

Did you try to find that out yourself?


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Excuse me, am a new student and my native language is spanish, and yes I looked up those words in google but it did not convince me.

Well, you have a lot of studying to do then, cause Flashing and Trim encompasses a wide array of materials shape and form.

Flashing and trim comes in metal, vinyl, wood and other composite materials.


Sounds like it will be tough for a bit. Update your profile with as much info as possible about yourself for members to get a feel for your situation better.

What is your past work history? What most makes you feel you will be a great inspector. Best of luck to ya. Get thick skin and a sense of humor with the ability to laugh at yourself to get the most from the Forum. It can get rough but is mostly just show.

I know because not many have taken as much S H I T as Myself :slight_smile: