Need advise.

I have a question about flashing. Maybe you guys can help me.
I am a new inspector, and I was doing a mock inspection on my house and saw what I assumed it was a “rubber flashing”? Do they make rubber or plastic flashing? It was in the valley of 2 roof sections and when I slightly lifted the shingles to look under. It looked rubber…and I’m almost sure it was not tar what I saw. The house is only 5 yrs old so I thought maybe it was rubber or plastic.

Might be a membrane like ice and water shield.

That would make sense as Jorge is in Delaware.

With that being said…

Jorge, do you have just the one website that is in your profile, or do you have another “independant” site? I think you will find the one in your profile is going to stir up a ruckus on the MB here. I really see no easy way to correct this on that site…

"Members of other associations are welcome to join InterNACHI, but a requirement of membership is that InterNACHI must be given equal prominence in your marketing materials (such as brochures and websites) as the other associations you belong to."

Don’t worry Jorge as no one at head office is checking to ensure that this rule is followed…in reality, this is a sales website for a couple of brothers …and some others!

Wrong Again Brian
NACHI gives all a short time to catch up then They get the news Fix it or leave .
NACHI does a great job of helping this industry but does expect equal treatment by all

Which is why I gave Jorge the ‘heads up’. Most new members don’t realize the seriousness of this requirement.

If he had a “regular” website, it is easy. Add the Nachi logo, or remove the ‘other’ logo. This site is provided by the ‘other’ association and heavily populated with their ‘stuff’. His only alternatives are to abandon his current site and get an independant site that he can control the content, or leave Nachi.

Sux starting a new biz, but, this is biz, and you either roll with the punches, or get flattened.

Don’t get me wrong Jorge. We want you as a member, and we want you to be the best inspector you can be. This is just one of many hurdles you can look forward to in this “glamorous” profession! :wink:

BTW… if Jorge had completely filled out his profile, I wouldn’t have had to go search for his location, and it may have taken a lot longer for this to come to the surface. So… let this be a lesson to all you that haven’t filled out your profiles completely! :twisted:

Wrong Again, Roy!!!

Go through the featured inspectors list and see if head office has been doing their job!!

Thanks Brian but I do see more then you do, some times one gets away for a while but all eventually get the message .
Only one that I know of did not fix his web site and he is no longer a NACHI member .

There are many here now that refuse to put the logo on their site and they are still a member. I am sure that one of them will be along shortly to voice in on this thread.

Thanks Greg
Can you show me where it states a member must have a NACHI logo on their web site .
The way I read it is that they must have a NACHI logo as big as other associations logo .

Originally Posted by Nachi Membership Requirements
*Note to members of other associations:
Members of other associations are welcome to join InterNACHI, but a requirement of membership is that InterNACHI must be given equal prominence in your marketing materials (such as brochures and websites) as the other associations you belong to.

You are correct Roy, except “equal prominence” is not the same as “logo as big as”.

Example… If you write a page expounding the virtues of XYZ Association that you are a member of, you must do the same for Nachi.

rubber membranes used as valley flashing is acceptable in some states. You might want to check with your local code officials. (just don’t tell them what the address is in case they don’t allow it where you live)

Thanks Aubrey for finally giving Gorge a possible answer to his question

That’s what the message boards are all about, helping each other. I learn something new almost every time I am on the boards, and don’t worry about the unrelated comments on the boards it happens. Sometimes the thread gets hijacked (not intentionally), it happens and I have be the culprit more than once. It is part of the fun here.

Well actually, the question had nothing to do with logos or website…the original questions was about roof flashings. But, since it was mentioned…I did included interNACHI’s logo in it, and you may notice I have an under constructin sign in the website. I have also included their logo in all my letterheads, business card, brochures and in my reports. I was not aware of this rule how ever I did add them because I am not only proud of being a member, but I am also greatfull for all the help I have received from them. Now, about the original question. any takers?

Ps.Thanks Russel and Aubrey, I guess I miss understood thinking they had to be metal only. I will check with my local zoning, and no I won’t give them my address just in case…lol. Oh, and Jeffrey, I live in Indianapolis not Delawere. Never lived in Delaware. That was poor research.

Ps. Thanks Russel and Aubrey…I was under the undersatanding that valley flashins were supposed to be metal thats why i was confused.

Jeffrey, If you would have looked and read the whole site, You would had found the following:

  1. Internachi’s was included not only with a logo, but I had added some of their features, certifications and courses I am taking in the future.
  2. This is a limited free website that I cannot add unlimited items to.
  3. No contact info because I am still preparing my business and not ready to until I have all work done, and schooling. If you would had actually looked on Nachi’s search you would not find me BECAUSE I HAVE DISABLED THAT FEATURE, AGAIN BECAUSE I AM NOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS.
  4. I don’t live in Delawe, I live in Indianapolis(so your research was inacurate and wrong)
  5. Until I am ready or InterNAchi says different this site will stay on. I know I have included them in it to satisfy their rules.

When I open an indipendent site it will be because “I” say so, and when “I” feel I am ready to get it done the right way and not because some yahoo out there. I suggest you stick the the subject.
You do not need to advise me about business in general. I have been in business since I was 26 with some bumps on the road, but I have MUCH better than survived for the last 27 years. I only take that advise from people who proven to be VERY succesfull.
One thing you did teach me; by your ridicules statements I need to ignore your future advise and statements.

Saved before edited.

Interesting as the only address anywhere on your website is a Deleware address.

Eleven days have passed, and you have obviously made changes to your site, so after all this time, don’t be telling me my reaserch was poor. Obviously, the only thing faulty here is your ethics.

As for your other comments… you have a lot to learn about being a Nachi Member in good standing.

May I suggest you place me on ‘ignore’.

Good riddence.

  1. Hmm, if you read it carefully you will find out that it is the address to the Associations in the website, not mine. But then again I don’t expect you to figure that much out. As you stated and I agreed I HAVE NO CONTACT INFO IN THE SITE. you may not want to admit you ARE WRONG, but those are the facts. No changes were made to my site and the address to post is the other associations address. You just made a half *** opinion with out looking up ALL the facts, and now you are too small minded to recognise it.

  2. It took 11 days for me to get to this messege or you would had received a response earlier, I don’t have that much time available to waste reading suggestions, and comment not related to the topic and specially from people who have NOTHING to offer but inaccurate statements which have no connection to the topic.

  3. Yes, I may have alot of learning to do about being a Nachi member, but if you are an example of the membership, maybe I should reconsider. You have nothing possitive to contribute in my eyes, but yet you still have to say something.

Have a good day. I wasted suffient time with you, I have work to do.