Exterior Lighting Is Excluded By IN SOP

Pros and Cons of including this in your inspection?

Be more specific. What kind of exterior lighting?

Sunshine? LOL.


Exterior lighting is included in my electrical section.

Same here, If it is built into the actual structure and not some ancillarye harry home owner low voltagae garden lifgr kits.


Or a Sodium Metal Halide Lamp mounted on a lamppost in the yard between the home/garage/barn/chicken coop or etc…

II. The inspector is not required to:
[li]insert any tool, probe or device into the main panelboard, sub-panels, distribution panelboards, or electrical fixtures.[/li][li]operate electrical systems that are shut down.[/li][li]remove panelboard cabinet covers or dead fronts.[/li][li]operate or re-set over-current protection devices or overload devices.[/li][li]operate smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.[/li][li]measure or determine the amperage or voltage of the main service equipment, if not visibly labeled.[/li][li]inspect the fire and alarm system or components.[/li][li]inspect the ancillary wiring or remote control devices.[/li][li]activate any electrical systems or branch circuits that are not energized.[/li][li]inspect low-voltage systems, electrical de-icing tapes, swimming pool wiring, or any time-controlled devices.[/li][li]verify the service ground.[/li][li]inspect private or emergency electrical supply sources, including, but not limited to: generators, windmills, photovoltaic solar collectors, or battery or electrical storage facility.[/li][li]inspect spark or lightning arrestors.[/li][li]inspect or test de-icing equipment.[/li][li]conduct voltage-drop calculations.[/li][li]determine the accuracy of labeling.[/li][li]inspect exterior lighting. (IMO- This should be removed)[/li][/LIST]

I think Q refers to lighting that is not part of the structure.

Inspect it if you wish.

As in my example above of a typical farmhouse.

Then it should be more descriptive.

Maybe but I don’t see the big deal.

Me either, really. I inspect according to IL SOP. :slight_smile:

It only describes what is required to be inspected; no mention of what is Not required.

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Personnally, I just flick the switch and if the light comes on, fine.
If the light does not come on, I note it as an item to be repaired and defect. Change the bulb or electrician to repair. :wink:

Since many of these are on autopilot, how would you inspect them?

Overriding the Auto Pilot. :):wink:

30 ft. up the pole?

Those are city lights, I was thinking more in the line of photo cell or time clock control for residential lighting. :slight_smile:

Ever see a farm yard light?