Low Voltage, home controls & etc -- Elec. SOP or ancillary for addon?

Hello. I am just getting into the inspection field. I have some prior background in office network & system administration, including some experience with data cabling, PBXes and enterprise wireless. (I also hold an amateur radio license.)

I am curious whether inspection of low voltage systems like phone and network cabling, home control systems, distributed audio, alarm systems, etc are generally thought of as part of the electrical SOPs and priced accordingly or whether they are their own addon and generally not inspected if not bid.

If this is its own thing, is there an addon cert for it with established scope and standards?

Apologies if this is addressed somewhere in the in-depth curriculum, I’m just starting to work through that content having completed the initial SOP/SOE exams.


Not that I know of, Daniel.

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This may help you also: https://www.nachi.org/become-home-inspector.htm

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Thanks! I did read those pages. I’m in an unregulated state, and am familiar with entity formation and whatnot. Looking forward to completing the mock inspections and getting deeper into the practical instructional material.


Isn’t it nice to not to have our business and Income potential limited by a Nanny State!
Nothing wrong with offering the added inspection as an add on service just like Radon, Meth Testing, Sewer Scope etc. You probably will need to be mindful of how you need to adjust your inspection agreement and probably need to contact your Insurance carrier if you wish to be covered for those types of inspections that would involve those other components.
I’m sure there is a market for it as homes get more automated…Kind’a like when home inspections needed to start including components previously not see …Like when indoor plumbing became a thing. :grinning:

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Thanks! That’s what I was thinking.

I’ve been enjoying the Essential Craftsman youtube channel lately, and they seem to think so too.

Good point to discuss it with the insurer.

It is not incorporated in “Electrical” as SOP does not cover it. But that is the logical place for it. If you do inspection outside of the SOP you should note in the report that is an added service requested by the client. Beware; Agents may get hostile if you don’t

© This rule does not limit home inspectors from:

  1. Reporting observations and conditions or rendering opinions of items in addition
    to those required in paragraphs (7) through (16) of this rule; or
  2. Excluding systems and components from the inspection if requested by the
    client, and so stated in the written contract.

Check your state rules for standards and reporting requirements.

Home owners are not required to submit to any inspection service. They give permission for a Home Inspection based on SOP. Anything outside of the SOP should be covered in your report and contracts.

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