Exterior of HVAC - Attic ducting...coming apart...Need advice

What would be the write up? All the registers had serviceable air pressure.
Is this something a client can live with? Or should they be budgeting to have them replaced?




This should be repaired
The plastic sleeve of flex ducting is damaged allowing the insulation layer to fall away from the inner ducting sleeve; this condition can reduce the heating and cooling efficiency. Refer to a licensed HVAC contractor for corrective repairs.

Thanks Gary…

Ditto on Gary’s recommendation.
I had an inspection last week where the duct work to a register was lacking part of it’s insulation. While the flow to that vent was comparable to the other registers, the heat being emitted from that register was significantly lower, about 10 degrees lower. So my recommendation was to have it reviewed by the HVAC contractor when he came in to service the system upon occupancy of the home.

Far more significant than heat loss is the potential for condensation to build up on the duct in the summer if the system has AC.

Many times the condensation in mid summer can be so great that everything under and around the uninsulated section will be soaking wet.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

I would replace it. I would also look into replacing it with the R-8 foil duct. I don’t believe it is a requirement yet in your climate but the foil holds up better than the other plastic covering, plus more insulation is always going to be an improvement.