Air & heat ducting...outer plastic coming off...Question

Is this serious? What would be the write up?


Yepp!! It’s fairly serious. If this duct system serves an AC or AC/HP unit it is even more serious.

In heating mode, it leads to more heat loss as the outer vapour barrier plastic sleeve holds the thin, low R value insulation in place. You can already see where it is open at the bottom of the run in the picture.

In AC mode, there will be more heat gain into the ducts from the extremely hot summer attic airthus lessening AC effectiveness. If you are in a high humidity area, the attic air moisture will condense on the outside of the duct surface and may lead to dripping and possible mould growth.

Not that serious…

Needs some new ducts… Write that the outer duct material is deteriorated and and need fixing.

The outer sleeve of that type is good for 10 to 15 years and it starts coming apart.

Like BK says, not too serious, but new ducts are in order. That type is easily damaged by the smallest amount of sunlight entering the attic.


You can see the difference in backgrounds! I started working in residential heating and energy efficiency (among other residential items) in 1977 So I look at those ducts as fairly serious due to energy inefficiency and condensation potential in AC mode. Depending on the amount of ducting, costs to replace with commercial grade insulated ducts which will not deteriorate in 10 years will probably be over $1,000.

I guess it depends on your definition of “serious.”

It’s a simple fix, at a relatively minimal expense. A family member of mine recently had their ducts replaced at the cost of $1,200 for 9 distribution points.

By my standards, that does not rise to the level of “serious.”


I have inspected FRP Ducts you could ride Bicycles through Brian. :wink: