Bad Stucco job ??

Hi Everyone,

Thought I would get some opinions from you learned inspectors on how to call this out. Several places on this (stucco) house had the sheathing (OSB) exposed like in the picture. It just seems to obvious to me to call out exposed OSB. Am I missing something?

Along the bottom of the stucco in places there was exposed OSB too


P.S. here are a couple more pics…what you see under there is just exposed OSB>>>tried to get you guys a clearer pic. By the way this is a brand new house.




Does Nobody want to address this???:shock:

All you can do is call it out and move on to the next item. But you have to admit the siding looks better then some of the ones i showed you.

Call it out, the OSB is now suceptible to moisture damaged, it is incorrect.

  1. Exposed OSB is clearly visible.
  2. There is no evidence of the required Tyvek / moisture Vapor barrier.
  3. Exposed OSB is highly absorbent. Continued expose can lead to wood rot.
  4. Our inspection is Visual and Non Invasive. We cannot dismantle the walls or damage the siding by probing the walls to see if there is any hidden wood rot.
  5. Recommend further evaluation and “probing” by a qualified contactor for possible wood rot.

Write it up and move on.

I saw a “Framed” house sit vacant for 29-months before it had siding. The OSB was swollen with two years of rain, snow and melting snow.
The builder covered it in siding, and sold it.