Exterior Steps

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Today’s inspection was at a home built on a 38% grade. A geotech engineer’s report was provided. The only access to the home was down the steps in the photo. The steps end at one of the home’s decks. This is a 2007 home that just got finaled by the city in April. In what areas of the exterior must steps meet code requirements?

Irregular steps and risers are a safety hazard and would be noted as such in my report…code would not be part of it.:wink:

Ther is nothing in the International Resdiential Code that regulates walkways or stairs if they are not part of the main structure.

What is seen here is a landscaping problem. not a Code violation.

It would help to have a photo where this walkway connects or terminates at the deck…and a photo of the single required egress door from the structure to comment further.

If the “intention” of the hand/guard railing does not comply I’d call it and the irregular rock steps would be a definite call.

Although there may not be any specific code to cite the potential for injury is present and should be duly noted.

This photo exhibits enough to render an opinion.

Did the April failure address these conditions?

The home received its final inspection in April, and it passed. I didn’t see any issues with regard to the decks, landings or front door. The rock steps were the only real issue. I wrote it up as a safety concern and recommended they be corrected.