exterior wall help

2 story homes with a basement. Wood frame construction with a cardboard type wall covered with laped hardy siding.



I have seen block walls, wooden walls and efis, but is this cardboard behind the siding sufficient?

Also the shingles overhang the fascia but no drip edge is in use is this ok


That is “Structural Cardboard”. If you forget your keys, you can get back inside with your pocket knife. :twisted::twisted:

In the 1980’s, they used to say that thieves would get in easily with a utility knife when walls were sheathed with semi-rigid insulation and not a solid wood product Haven’t heard of any thief ever taking that route…windows and doors are still the easiest way to get in!!


As long as this isn’t a firewall…They can use paper or aluminum foil on the inside walls if they want to. It’s their house. Just report the materials used.

That roof edge definitely needs drip edge flashing.

They are still using it in texas.

I need to add this near Atlanta GA

I would like to share more pictures and ask more questions to any Georgia inspectors as I am a native Floridian!

my email is behi@verizon.net