Exterior wall-window issues

This townhouse complex is having issues at the area above the garage frame lam board area top of the car doors and I am trying to figure how the water is getting in as there is flashing .
I am pretty sure the flat light colored board is hardi plank as you can see a faint mesh under the paint.
The plank has z flashing at bottom and caulk sealed at top to the wood trim deco boards, and even the decks are flashed. all metal while the other areas are caulk sealed.
Any opinions at all ?
Seems to be a entire development issue that is on going.

The window shots are at rear and I am trying to figure how water got in between the transom windows and the vinyl casements.

The trim I think is just wood.Flat panels again look like hardi board.



Shots at night so sorry for below my usual standards.

Bob, I agree that it appears to be Hardie Plank siding, and the windows appear to me to be a field mulled unit and might be leaking from failure or improper installation.

There does not appear to be flashing above the unit.

What was that gap above the garage door?

The water intrusion caused that gap and the entire complex is having the same issue (maybe 50-70 homes).
The inside shows the lam beam/lintel that I was told is 3 ply lam board.
Some of them needed to be replaced at $1,000’s I am told but cause not known yet as owners are fixing themselves so far while association decides what to do.

notice there is z flashing below hardi and top is sealed to what I think is regular trim.
Should the tops always be caulk sealed Marcel ?

(top picture is from inside garage.)



Is the cantilevered joist flashed? Are the sliding door drains OK?

Beam is flashed with metal if you can see it in the picture and sealed at the bottom half (see closeup)

No sliding doors as the other shots of the windows are at rear of the building showing vinyl casements with transom windows above.
Lots of caulk and many small openings at areas between deco stone and the hardi/wood areas.

Windows are Republic brand.

Wondering where they should have flashed but did not or if it is simply bad caulking job.

Yes cantilevered and good strong support as there are three supports counting a middle cantilever as well (unusual)

I can’t really tell to much Bob from those pictures. Sometimes a picture just does not do justice to the real thing.

Appears to be a combination of both improper installation and sealant installation. :slight_smile:

Marcel when you say improper installation which part are you referring to ?

Well first the higher z flashing should be fabricated of a gauge that doesn’t lift up like I see and the building wrap should be over the top of it behind the siding and no caulking there to let moisture out if any.

Thanks Marcel
The area where you say not sure is also z flashing made of metal.

Looking at all the Hardie guides I am still not sure (is the top supposed to be caulk sealed)?

The do not seem to address that part.

Now when you say building wrap should be over the top do you mean the Tyvek (to make it easy here) should go past the vinyl siding bottom and stick out over the metal z flashing as if it was brick veneer flashing ?

Apreciate the help as the mix of materials is confusing for me and apparently the builder as well :slight_smile:

What is holding up the deck? Are there posts I am not seeing?
I am concerned about the weight on the header above the garage door, which would cause your flashings to open up like that.

Yes, everytime there is a flashing involved in the facade rainscreen envelope, the building wrap gets interupted and another installed in a shingle manner that overlaps the flashing material, so any moisture build-up under the siding material has a place to exit, which would be under the bottom row of siding.
In other word, the building wrap is cut, flashing installed, wrap is brought down over the flashing and taped, similar to flashing a window.

It is obvious for the view of the OSB that this does not even exist.

I would recommend an evaluation by a prominent qualified Contractor to evaluate.

Although I can’t be sure by looking at those pictures, it just don’t look right nor feel right to me.

Hope this helps a bit. :slight_smile:


Two cantilevered beams Jim from what I could tell. :slight_smile:

Actually 3 ,there is even a middle one .Does not seem needed but the more the better.

Here are a few more since it might help.(big mix on the roof design and wall covering material.
Aerial shot is from the rear…twilight messes up the pic colors.(bottom of aerial is the transom section with water issues as well.



Wow, what a flashing nightmare that would have been.
Guarranteed water infiltration somewhere.

And so far we have evidence of no building wrap and flashing is negligible, and may very well assummed that the contractor thinks that siding is waterproof. :):wink:

Marcel there was water resistant material under the vinyl …I always check.:slight_smile:

Since you and I take plenty pics we can always go back and confirm…is that too hard for some of these guys.:slight_smile:

Yeah, I do the same thing Bob, but installed properly and everywhere is the ?.
I take a couple hundred picks everytime I go out.

Wendnesday, I got a 1901 build. Client wants to know everything that needs repaired. :slight_smile:

Marcel I random sample and who knows in advance where I will check ?
Last Friday caught a brand new 2012 garage with nothing under the vinyl.

That was the house built with 2 stories of all Hardi Plank board (4x8,) so odd I run into it so soon after.

Same here Bob, we should all peek behind the siding. :slight_smile:

So what is holding up the cantilevers and the two stories above, just a wood framed header above the garage door?

Next time I go by will tear off all the ceiling drywall and let you know .