Exterior window head casing

Take a look at pics attached- I have seen this often- seems that the head casing creates an obstacle to moisture properly shedding from top of window, if that where flashing exists- often not visible. The flashing is not extended over head casing?


With vinyl siding, if it is trimmed right, the siding will deflect the water out or to the sides, but the decorative trim has no flashing and will be prone to rot with rain. It is probably painted MDF and will not last. Hard to get much more from the images, but that will only look good for a season or two before needing touch up. Not to mention the debris that can get stuck behind the detail (leaves, dust and airborne anything).

Thanks Jordan,

The trim is a synthetic, PVC or similar, so the trim will last- I just don’t understand how their is not a problem with moisture- example heavy rain, where it can work its way between the back of trim where it is mounted to outside the plane that is same as the outside of J channel.Seems to be relying pretty heavily on the J channel providing all the flashing- Il try to get closer, more detailed pics, but there is a lot of this trim detail in my region- Northeast.Windows do have integral nail fin/J channel, and you can see a J channel at the top of the window pic, extending above and beyond the side of the window J channel

. Would you write this up as a monitor situation, or as a clear defect?

Thanks again

Personally, I would make a note of it, as a potential issue that will need to be monitored on a regular basis. It is definitely prone to intrusion more then not having the detail, but to the right person, the detail looks good…Just not to me aesthetically!