EZ Inspection software - included 4 point and mitigation software?

ALL inspector softwares are GOOD… to the right inspector!!

I have no idea. I’ve never even seen an EZ report to base an opinion off of.

I use multiple softwares and create custom WORD based reports as needed. There is NO one size fits all software.

You refused to give me any info to help narrow down what MAY work for you.
I have used many, just not EZ and some others.

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That’s what I’m looking for I reached out 4 times to EZ home inspector software and Called 2 times. I have not had a answer . that’s why I would like to know what would be a good inspection software with good customer service. For a new inspector like me.

That is a big giant red flag. When you are in the field and need support fast, waiting 2 or 3 days is not acceptable.


I want to apologize, I just retired I have 30 years of construction experience. I went to HVAC school so I have the construction back round. But not to computer Savvy . Looking for something easy to work from.

That’s why I’m trying to find out what’s a good customer base inspection program.

I don’t want to sway you one way or another as I am not paid to promote my software (but I would take them up on it if they offered!).

But here are the 3 I considered…
Home Gauge
Home Inspector Pro

I can tell you that all 3 are well-respected in the industry and will likely suit your needs. They all have great support and a large user base willing to help you along. If you call or email any of the 3, my guess is they will get back to you very quickly. But they aren’t the cheapest options. That said, do you want your clients to only be looking for the cheapest option?

Edit: There are other more-than-capable softwares out there as well. These were just the 3 I included in my analysis because you have to narrow it down to a reasonable number.


Thank you so Much . That’s all I was looking for . Now I could go back and do my homework to see what would fit me . I’m not scared of doing homework but I like other people opinion.

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Thank you , everyone . Jeffrey I will keep in contact. Take it easier on me next time. :sweat_smile:

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By the way, there are active inspectors here who use Microsoft Word. Can’t get much less expensive.

You’ll probably be disappointed with most modern software, based on that.

They all have enormous feature sets, with an almost bloated feel to them lately, as they try to “one-up” each other with whiz bang add-ons. They won’t magically write a report for anyone, they just allow you to display words (and pictures) in a particular fashion.

Generally speaking, invest in the best of breed business tools (software is one of those tools) and understand you’ll be tweaking that software for years as you evolve.


So very true. I wish they would start basic and let you unlock features as you progress.

I remember first opening up Homegauge, I was overwhelmed for sometime. I have yet to understand much of it after all these years.


@ruecker could you please share your spreadsheet with me? I am also looking into the software and I’m having a hard time deciding. You seem like you did alot of investigating Which could save me some time. Lol. Im licensed and ready to go but I can’t seem to settle on one. I was looking at spectora and then I found Eneris which is good but I hate the way you have to one by one delete items that aren’t in the report just to submit it. Editing templates was also a lot of work for wind mitigation and 4 points. Too time consuming. I’m looking for simple, easy and quick reporting. I’ve been an inspector for insurance for 4 years and when the company changed from periscope to Salesforce I wasted so much time just entering the reports and was losing money. My email is addoyle89@gmail.com if you have any good info you can share I would kindly appreciate the help.

I doubt I have it anymore but I will look through my files when I get the chance. It’s not too hard to put together and going through the excersise yourself will get you the most benefit.