Wind Mitigation software

Looking for some info on wind mitigation software, something with report and place to attach photo’s, any help would be greatly appreciated, I know at some point there was a free software offer to members does anyone know anything bout that.

Thanks in advance for any help


If you cannot figure it out call me. The free tools alone are worth the price.

I own the most recent acrobat and still it is easiest.


Piss away money like most others. By the way I have nothing to do with the company.

I just feel gooey inside helping others :slight_smile:

Hell this guy just sent me an email. You can try it. I have no Idea what he charges.
Maybe he will send me a thanks???

Kevin Cabral <>

Oh wait I found i ONLY $169…

Below is his ad. I try to help everyone trying to make a buck :slight_smile: I just wish Karma really worked. I would be rich " again" by now :slight_smile:

Attention Florida home inspectors

Our new citizens wind mitigation and four point inspection package is the best ever.

You can now add pages as you need them for pictures and additional info.

Cover page
Pictures unlimited
Images unlimited
Certifications and licenses

Go to:

Included is a form for the Citizens Wind Mitigation, Citizens 4 Point Inspection, Generic 4 Point Inspection, InterNACHI Contract Form, Roof Certification Form, and Wind Mitigation Checklist.

Our best working and professional looking forms generator yet!

Save time, look better

See the video 4 point
See the video wind mit

On sale only $169.00

Most professionals use a professional system. Adobe, or HIP mobile or Knights or

Try them all
but you will also need four points and roof cert forms as well. Learning to make your own is the best Learning to make them good takes time. If you talk to Eric Van De ven he will give you a start.

I recommend making them with adobe products as they are the most compatible.

You also have to figure out how you are going to have the client sign them.

Piss away your money like John suggests or call me or figure out PDFill yourself.

It does it all at almost no cost and I NEVER HAVE HAD A COMPATIBILITY PROBLEM.


Like I have said I have NO DOG IN THE RACE. I just try to help.

I do not know others intentions.

Signing is easy as a wet looking sig is best. There are many many options for getting that.

I would love to here ONE reason PDFill is not all I claim it to be.

Go ahead dream up one. I’ll gladly shred it :slight_smile:

Remember the truest saying out there…

A Fool and their Money are Soon Parted.

What do I have to gain by telling you folks about this product over and over…NOTHING.

It just happens to be I tell the truth WAY more than most. Sad thing is they do not even realize it because they are all mostly SHEEP .

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ba ba ba. Like I have told you all so many times before… Wake up and think for your selves and save your hard earned money. Do not just piss it away because others do.

your right follow Mike’s business models… because they work soooo well!

You right everyone should follow your sound business plans, because they have all worked so well.


One reason not to use it or just shut the … up.

Have you even tried it.

I guess you just want folks to piss away their money as you have. Misery loves company I guess.

Now is when you should just disappear like most times :slight_smile: because you can’t win this one. A PDF is A PDF PERIOD :slight_smile:

Go ahead tell me what I have to gain by telling the truth to theses folks… NOTHING. I am just doing as I always do telling the truth.

That right there shows your lack of knowledge about PDFs!

Like I have said NO PROBLEMS A PDF is A PDF. And John you are a sheep contractor who makes his dough off the sweat of licensed home inspectors.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Anyone who wishes to ask me about the best most economical way feel free to contact me any time any one who wants to follow John’s advice go ahead. I do not care :slight_smile: I have nothing to prove and will not try to write a course to justify my foolish comments as some do. I only speak the truth about what works for me. He is just a loudmouth internet punk who never has anything to say whenever I am around.

I don’t blame him. I would not run my mouth to me in person if I were him either :slight_smile: He has had more than a few chances as most have. Not a taker yet in person. Things that make you say hmmmmmmm.

If you really want to look like a dumbass just send me one of your super secure PDF’s and I’ll show you want anyone with just a tad of knowledge can do.

My advice to all is keep a copy so when there is an issue you can show what was sent to the client or agent :slight_smile:

My crew are happy working with me, in fact a couple could not work for themselves because of their health. Should I tell them they no longer have a job? Should I stop growing because I can only do so much? I think that they should be free to choose for themselves.

Just because you did not know how to make it work for you doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work and I am taking advantage. It is more likely that your are attacking because your are jealous. You do remember trying to get people to work for you? Do you need a link to those threads to?

I have always offered all a fair deal.

You really do not bother me.

Just kind of like a Gnat on a dogs wiener.

Shoo fly don’t bother me :slight_smile:

Keep you mouth shut about me and i’ll never mention you.

Eassy peasy :slight_smile:

good night All. busy again yet tomorrow.

You do realize that you started it. You could just ignore my comments.

John you have a link for a video on how to improve with adobe ?

Adobe has a website with all kind of tutorials

To the original poster and others, if you want to make executable pdf files, and that is what we are talking about, Adobe Professional is the way to go. I would recommend an older version as the latest version doesn’t include livecycle, which is a key component.

You can usually download the product and for 30 days, use it for free.

Here is a brief tutorial.
The first thing you need is a clean pdf. By that I mean, a clean form done in Word, Publisher or some other program. Most of the standard forms, like the 1802 for instance, have to have things removed in order to allow things to be added with Adobe Professional.

After you get a clean file in Word or whatever program, then make a pdf of it.

Next, open Adobe Professional and select forms. In that list, select add fields and Adobe will do most of it for you. Make everything a text field. This includes pictures. Just make a big text box.

After you are done creating the form in Adobe, go into LiveCycle and fine tune the positions of the boxes and also, change the type of box. For pictures, change the text box to an image field and select “fit image to rectangle”. For date fields, change them to date fields from text fields.

You can do anything in Adobe including formulas. On my wind mit form, if there is a question as to the percent of non-hip features on a hip roof, I enter the numbers and it automatically calculates the percent and displays it.

Adobe Professional also comes with a print driver, which is key. This allows you to “print” the document to a pdf, which doesn’t need any security settings as it is just like a printed piece of paper.

I have used every pdf program there is and I can tell you, this works the best.

PDF fill, CutePdf and all the others, were all installed and removed very quickly.

For anyone going to Vegas, I will help you with it there if you want.

It realy sucks that they took out livecycle.