EZ Inspection software - included 4 point and mitigation software?

Good Evening, I just got my Florida inspection license. Im looking for a good affordable inspection software . I like what I saw in the EZ Home inspection software. However I wanted to know if that software has wind mitigation and 4 point inspection. If not, does anybody know of a affordable program that has wind mitigation and 4 point inspection included. Thank you,

Yes. EZ does have Florida Wind Mitigation templates. I use this software and really like how it works. You can easily modify your reports to suite your needs.

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Thank you . I study the program and I like it.
Im thinking of opening my own inspection business and I believe that software Will help me.

William, Do you know if you could transfer the Inferred photos into the the inspection report.

Please share with us what “you saw” that you like about it, and what others you looked at.

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If the software can import JPG or similar, it will handle “implied” or “inferred” photos…as long as the device outputs those file types.

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Thank you , I’m going to try the EZ Inspection Software. I just needed a EZ Inspection Software that is easy to understand and also affordable.

So basically, it’s all about the money. I’m not surprised.

Yes , especially when I’m starting from scratch. In all seriousness I like the software.

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Pictures can be easily imported into EZ Software Reports.

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Again… WHY?

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I can’t really comment, I never had any inspector software. I would like to here your opinion. You all ready know I like the price. I just retired and only doing it part time . I know a lot of people like HIP. It’s a great program. The price right now is a little to rich for my blood. Please tell me know why not .

The only thing I could say about EZ Home Inspection , it could for fill my needs . I could do a home inspection, wind mitigation, 4 point inspection and I could upload inferred pictures. That’s the best answer I could give you.

Most ALL professional Report Software do those tasks.
You are asking for advice that nobody can actually recommend to you without knowing what you want.
You can’t even tell us specifically what you like about something you claim to like.
Where do we go from here?
We / I don’t.
Good luck.

I have not reviewed any Inspector software yet. That’s why I ask what’s your opinion of a good inspection software . I would like to know why not. In your opinion.

My opinion will do you absolutely no good without your input and details.
You are a one month (?) newbie.
I am a 26+ year veteran.
If you can’t talk with other inspectors, how the hell do you intend to speak with potential clients?
No need to answer, just something to think about.
I’m sure there will be many others that will give you their opinions without bothering to try and understand you!
Good luck!

I’m sorry you feel like that . Im new to internachi all I wanted someone opinion of a good inspector software.

Start with that. Then features you need. Cost, wind mit, photo import etc.

If I understand correctly, @jjonas was doing his best to get that from you to include the positive features of EZ you like for additional insight.

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Yes , All I would like to know if EZ is worth my investment…

It’s not easy to select your software when you are new and not familiar with any of it. It is difficult to determine what is a necessity and what is unneeded fluff that you will be paying for but never need. I picked 3 different programs and did the deep dive. Searched Facebook and these forums to learn more about each one and what people had to say about them. I created a pretty convoluted spreadsheet with pros and cons to each, as well as prices of each.

I didn’t actually do mock inspections with any of the 3 but did download the free trials of each so I could look at the interface a bit. Price was not my main concern because I figured if this didn’t work out, it wasn’t going to be because I spent $50 too much a month on software.

In the end, I had sent a few questions to each of the vendors late on a Sunday afternoon. I didn’t expect any answers until at least Monday, if not Tuesday. One vendor reached out to me on Sunday about 10 minutes after I sent in my questions. We chatted for about a half hour and I was sold. That was the support I was looking for and they earned my business by being ultra-responsive.