Facebook for Home Inspectors

If you own a home inspection business, one task that takes up a significant amount of time is marketing. But while you know you should work on marketing, actually doing it is another story. It can be confusing. It can even cause some significant stress. You’re stretched with other pressing tasks, and it can be intimidating to work on a task that may not necessarily suit your strengths.

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Check out my Facebook page if anyone has any curiosity on what I do for marketing. Cool, fun and educational posts!

Facebook, for me, is a great marketing tool!
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I have been locked out of facebook for some time now…

You devil you :joy::joy:

By the boss, I mean wife, I assume.

Yeah, me, too! Nah, I never joined and my bride did to keep up with our younger family but even she got bored with what she was doing…I won’t be joining FB anytime soon.

No offense to those that it works for.

The same has happened to me. I get redirected to a Facebook marketing page when I try to log in. Anyone have a solution for this?

FB won’t let folks share my business page claiming it doesn’t “conform to community standards”, and people can’t seem to find it when they go to my profile… They have deleted several posts on me, won’t let me show my website link without flagging it, and can’t even give out my email address on messenger. It’s a bunch of malarkey…

I am tired of Facebook. I will be moving to Parker.

During the virus outbreak I don’t know if it would do any good marketing to real estate offices. They probably don’t want any marketing materials because they are afraid of getting covid-19. These are difficult times as far as marketing goes.

I agree with Ernest…tough times to market personally to offices handing out materials.

Hence why there has never been a better time to market your business digitally.

So, tell me why I keep getting this message:

On both my pages.