Social media to promote your business

Does anyone have any best practices or suggestions on how you use Facebook or any other type of social media to promote your business?

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Thank you for the link. Have you used InspectorMedia and if so what type of an ROI have you seen on its use?

No I haven’t.

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Hey James,

Let me know if you’d like to hop on a call this week and we can go over any questions you have.

Here are a couple of our current clients if you’d like to get an idea of the type of content we post:

  1. Inside & Out Property Property Inspectors Inc.

  2. AmPro Inspections Inc.

Feel free to email me directly at


Whatever they do is top of the line. You will not be disappointed. Nope!

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Well, if a Gromicko is in charge of this marketing scheme, you know it’s got to be worth taking a good hard look at.

Count me in.

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Try go daddy, setup your own website from there yyou can do Facebook and yelp. Facebook and yelp will try and get you to increase your reach by spending a little more. Go luck be patient it takes some time to set these things up.

Ive been using Ian Robertson @ Full View marketing and he has been great with web development and marketing on Linkedin/Facebook/Instagram for a reasonable fee. He is also a home inspector.

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I set up a FB business page. It seems to be a popular site, and cheap to advertise on there. I have had success posting some pics of my inspections with a short write up. My tag line is “another home inspection pays for itself”. In general, I promote the importance of getting a home inspection. I don’t have a big advertising budget, so it’s a way to get out there by posting about your business, and inviting people to like/follow your page.

Thanks Scott,

I have set up a Facebook page for my business and most of the followers are just my friends. How do you get the general public to follow you. Is it through the ads?

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Yes, David, I’ve heard nothing but good about Ian Robertson@ Full View Marketing ad his SEO work, too. :smile:

Ads are good. You can set up a “followers” campaign to get page likes from people in your area (realtors, home buyers, etc.)

Another great tool is local group sharing. Here is an article with some tips on it.

Page likes are great, but ideally your social media platforms are directing traffic to your website, or getting your phone to ring. If you’re not actively using social media to promote your home inspection business, you are missing out on putting your info where everyone’s attention is. Social media isn’t going anywhere.

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It sounds like you have a new and knowledgable/growing enterprise, too, Erik…good luck!

If it is a Gromicko, it will be top notch! :smile:

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Yes, ads help. Invite people who visit your page to like and follow your page. On your ads, some will thumbs up or respond, so you can invite them. I usually post strange stuff like a snake skin in the attic or mouse in electric panel box…that silly stuff gets attention.

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Appreciate it Larry, thank you!

Yeah I am using Godaddy and just recently purchased their package to help you set all of it up. So far I can’t really say I am that impressed but I will give it a try. Worse comes to worse if you don’t stay with them to keep updating etc then you can walk away with the work they did already. They had a professional photo shoot that I thought was well. All in all you can prob do these things yourself but for me I hate spending the time on that stuff and wanted to at least see how it goes.

Jason correct me if I’m wrong but they basically send a photographer to you on location and then just post those photos to your accounts? They’re not doing any advertising or customized content, right?

After the photos. They put together a kit for you basically trying to get a feel for how you want to be viewed by folks. They collaborate with you and you approve everything. They put together pictures with little catch descriptions and will post to social media. they also help you to repley to your reviews. collaborating again. I have had to rewrite a few things and you still have to check up to make sure they are doing things correctly. I just started it a few weeks ago so not everything is live or built yet