My Facebook Business Page

Hello all,
I’m trying to give my business the boost I need to get very busy.

Please visit my facebook business page and like. Thank you.
PG Home Inspections.LLC

Good example of part of your problem. You are lazy. Post a link to your page if you want someone to go there. Don’t make us search for the info!!

Here: Your Business Facebook Page

Don’t forget to return the favor to others that you ask of them.

Thank you for the reply. I will have to get the link to my Facebook page.

Why do you think social media is going to get you busy?
It isn’t!

You do not have a web site listed on your NACHI posts do you have one .

Here it is I found it via Google
South River NJ Home Inspections by PG Home Inspections LLC

You are referring to the OP correct?

Au contrare. I got some great referrals from Facebook. Join some local groups and participate in the conversation. Be helpful and share your knowledge. It will pay off.

I’ll bet there’s a “Friends of South River” group. Join it.

Thank you

Good to hear from you Frank

Thanks Chuck.