I was forced to join Facebook a few weeks ago in order to get some information, but I don’t have time to include Facebook as a major part of my life.

I’ve gotten a lot of “friend” requests in the last few days, and I’m afraid those who’ve requested “friend” status that I haven’t accepted will feel like I haven’t accepted them through lack of respect for them.

That’s not the case at all. I’m glad to see facebook or any company doing well, but I control my own life, which doesn’t include Facebook

Facebook is not a part of my life. If you contact me through
facebook, I will not answer. I will not know you tried to contact me.

InterNACHI is a part of my life. If you contact me through InterNACHI, I will do my best to answer.

If you’d like to talk to me about a particular subject, I’m at kenton@nachi.tv

I feel the same way, Kenton. Us guys over 55 do not need it. It is a difference in generations, perhaps. I value my privacy. It is the only thing I have left.

Facebook has business pages as well.

Facebook is for sissies and giggly teenage girls.

Facebook a joke eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

What if your web site link was on your Facebook profile page with a short description and with a click of a button you could send it to hundreds or even thousands of ‘friends’ on a regular basis who would then in turn click the link (your domain). :mrgreen::shock:

Says the “man” who uses an iPhone. :mrgreen:


Yeah what if. :roll:

Yup, just for sissy’s

It’s my greatest source of traffic for another business web site. Where in the world did some of you come with this sissy thing? No one said you have to visit teen chat groups. Advertising your web site and business on one of the most visited sites of all time is no good? :-s



Guess some of our fellow inspectors have too much business. FB is the cheapest way to advertise to people that already know you. I plan to friend all my buyers and use it as an avenue to keep in contact with them.

Linas just likes to pick at people. Don’t let him bother you. I started using facebook years ago to keep up with, and in touch with, my children who live in Houston with their mother. Since then I have added a page for my business, as well as a group page for my business. I use it to network with, and get the names of, realtors and brokers in my market territory. I have made numerous contacts through facebook that have not only given me business themselves by referring me to their clients, but have also referred me to hundreds of other realtors that I would never have met. Then, on top of that I have linked one of the pages with my blog, Linkedin, and other pages which constantly work as SEO drivers for my website. When my new website first went online it was registered at 22 million on the web. It is now registered at number 650 thousand. If you don’t think it works, give it a try. Or, don’t, and just us sissies will continue to use it to drive our businesses.

How are you going ot find all your old girlfriends you haven’t seen in 30 years and get caught up on their grandchildren?

Facebook surpasses Google as most visited site in the US

I was being sarcastic!!!

Brands On Facebook And Twitter Favored By Consumers

…“While social media is not the silver bullet that some pundits claim it to be, it is an extremely important and relatively low cost touch point that has a direct impact on sales and positive word of mouth,” said Josh Mendelsohn a vice president at Chadwick Martin Bailey.

“Companies not actively engaging are missing a huge opportunity and are saying something to consumers - intentionally or unintentionally- about how willing they are to engage on consumers’ terms.”

Peter, I know. :wink: Linas is also joking with us too. :stuck_out_tongue: I have a feeling your post about the Snell Group changed a lot of minds. :cool:

And that can add up to a great deal of legitimate traffic.

Aw, Chuck, now you went and confused Linus. Now he’s going to have to respond with more than a one word slinger…or just not post and accept defeat. :wink: