Facebook banned me for 7 days.

They say I have gotten and/or sending too many friend requests (all InterNACHI members).

I’m done with them then. I’ll stick with InterNACHI’s message board. It was fun while it lasted. They should let Microsoft run Facebook.

Bastards… At least I can say you were my facebook friend for a few days. You may have to get a celebrity rating or something?

I think it is that Russian last name. They might think you are one of the multitude of spammers that send requests to everybody and spam them with their “ads” of special pictures. You aren’t selling your bikini poses again are you? :mrgreen:

Facebook needs to reconsider. They will get great traction and exposure added when you bring your entire group into their system. Must be some computer program that kicked you out. I ask that you reconsider and ask Facebook to fix their error.

Damn still have to create a business account there. Never been on before so no clue if tough or not

Social media is worthless. Most everything on there is not trues. Post what you want, and most everything there hurts the honest people. Your time, and your marketing plans, can be best spent elsewhere.

The new business model will be the truth. Ask Phil Robertson. Add Nick Gromicko to that list.

Why was never in a hurry to get on there, didn’t see point unless you are a big corporation or something. But everybody always say its a must so reason for thinking harder about it

All I know is they are at the top for social media. I do not like that aspect of Facebook and prefer the more to the point LinkedIn professional site.
As for Nick being banned 7 days. I can see that happening as InterNachi spreads like wild fire. I already told you Nick not to try to take over the world.:mrgreen:

I have read Facebook has lost the younger crowd.
Not cool and full of old people.

Not a bad thing, but there are probably better ways to spend your time marketing than Facebook… seems that it was not really what it’s for anyway?

Social media requires you to be SOCIAL…get it?

All of the kids are on Instagram and Twitter now because their parents are on Facebook.

Yeah for some reason they do not like having Grandma read about what they did at the party last night.


High school kids don’t buy homes. College kids don’t buy homes. Heck, most don’t buy homes until they are at least 25 and they are the rare ones. Very few under that age have the income or work experience needed to get a loan.

I get at least 7-10 per year from Facebook FOR FREE. Just from keeping friends in the loop with what I do for a living.

I agree Stephen, I think companies should maintain a Facebook page.

Never ,never ,ever did I find,look for or use a business I found on Face Book.

How would you know it’s worthless or if everything is not true? Have you ever had an account there?

Two days ago I had two inspections booked for this week due to Facebook.

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Gotta be honest I hate Facebook but they are a necessary evil at this point. Everyone I know from my grandma to my son and all of my friends have a Facebook page that they check every single day. You can only have a maximum friend limit of 5000 anyway so sending massive friend requests is pointless, if you want a business account on Facebook you just create a business page instead of a personal one and then you can have as many followers to your business as you want.