Failing basement wall, structural engineering group says

‘It’s failing from soil pressure’…well, if so then you need to recommed EXTERIOR waterproofing, NOT just put in tie backs or carbon fiber straps inside, sheesh! Do any patching on the wall inside or recommend installing an interior system would be incompetent.

All due respect but C’’’’’’’’’'MON!

You are only talking about the horizontal crack that is visible inside but apparently you don’t know (least don’t shed any insight on) that there will be OTHER exterior cracks, likely and at least some vertical cracks, possibly 1 or more step cracks and it is because of THOSE and THROUGH those that water is entering and causing what ya see on some of the blocks inside.

Installing carbon straps etc does NOT relieve/lessen ANY exterior soil pressure/weight!

And what ya also don’t say/mention is the possibilty of underground tree ROOTS or concrete against-wall or a porch/footing etc that also can CAUSE cracks,leaks,staining inside. So again, installing carbon straps etc inside does not remove any of these possibilities.

And one more time, the wall has EXTERIOR cracks and there is ONE means of waterproofing those exterior cracks/cracked parging which is the only thing that will STOP further water from entering the blocks,passing through joints etc. Ya think water passing through joints don’t/can’t WEAKEN a wall further? C’’’’’’’’'mon!!! #-o

And what about the possibility of some exterior blocks that can/could be disintegrating…deteriorating, like this…BOWED WALL,
See any parging???
Click duh photos to ENLARGE 'em…what happened to some of the BLOCKS, where did they go!!! It’s MAGIC! lolol
So, what good is recommending carbon straps etc on the inside when the PROBLEMS are outside like this! How much are homeowners paying SE’s for these recommendations?!

What about when 1 or more underground TREE ROOTS was part or all of the CAUSE of cracks in wall and leaky basement, like this…
So, NOT even CONSIDER/think about that shtt like this is possible?!?!
Just leave the exterior cracks,joints OPEN???
Leave the clay soil and-or underground tree roots or porch footing etc etc against the wall and install carbon straps instead!!! lolOlOLlOoll

Install wall anchors like this and what, raise the grade?!?!?

Do you believe in magic/The BUBBA Spoonful

Young Girl…get outta Bubba’s mind

They called her…Dawn (nice tops on waitresses eh, got milk?)

Journey to the center of the mind…+ go go go go go go girlies

Some structural engineers apparently have NOT seen enough basemenet walls on the OUTSIDE! ](*,)
Basement Wall Failure (last paragraph is my problem, ok) :mrgreen:
…‘Once horizontal cracks form…if caught in time…carbon fiber’?
That’s it?

When a wall has started to bow in, there are going to be some EXTERIOR cracks,cracked parging in duh wall…leave them open? Just simply apply carbon straps?

And what about the exterior cause(s) of the cracks,bowed wall?
DON’T try and remove them, don’t try and reduce the exterior weight-pressure?

Better eyeball those pics posted…underground root, deteriorating blocks and joints.

Lets see this one…
Don’t know what they think of carbon straps :mrgreen: but at least they bring up a couple other good points…
Para 6…the possibility a basement wall can crack/fail due to aka caused by a heavy vehicle that came too close to a house/basement wall.

Para 8…the building code/8 inch block, and the height of the wall and backfill against-the-wall.
If you add soil…RAISE the GRADE against the 8", you increase the weight against the wall, you increase the possibility of problems/cracks etc.

When a block,brick wall is bowed in…it HAS exterior cracks, cracked parging on the EXTTTTTTERIOR man, regardless of what YOU might see on the inside of basement!
You don’t SEE the ENTIRE PICTURE when ya look at a basement wall on the inside, like this!
Look at the first block and joint from basement floor…any horizontal crack?
Sometimes a homeowner/flipper etc will try and MASK–HIDE cracks on the inside by patching and painting them…eh
And here’s the OUTSIDE, what ya see just up from footing/SAME area when eyeballing inside first block

Tired of hearing from ‘some’ engineers etc who TRY n tell my az I couldn’t possibly know or have a very good idea that, a horizontal crack etc exists like this house when its NOT seen inside…LOlOloLOll, bulshhtt man!
Some won’t like this BUTT, its called having EXPERIENCE on THIS subject.
YOU haven’t seen enough (any?) walls on the exxxxxterior! #-o

Would a/your recommendation of carbon straps have stopped this from happening? C’MON!

Ask again, how is leaving existing exterior cracks in the basement wall OPEN and allowing deteriorating mortar joints…to further deteriorate, helping the dang wall?

Water is going to pass through the cracks/joints…don’t think that won’t further weaken duh wall? And the clay or maybe an underground root or porch footing etc is STILL against the dang wall, DON’T try and remove some of this crap, don’t try and reduce the weight-pressure against the wall huh???