Ken Olson, using carbon fiber straps to repair bowing basement wall ](*,)
Former salesperson of Insta Dry basement systems which is ummm, OOB.

1:00 says, ‘carbon fiber straps bonds the wall together and STOPS ALL further movement’.
…completely full of sht!

1:30 says, ‘carbon fiber straps is a very quick way and it’s a PERMANENT solution.’
…completely full of sht.

NO beams, no carbon fiber straps, no wall anchors are a permanent solution and cannot STOP ALL further movement, you are incompetent and-or just talking outta ter azz in order to drum up some more scamball business, that’s right.

Just like Insta Dry basement systems lied, cheated people…your carrying on the same old bulshtt pitches, lies…yepper.

Eh bubblehead, when part or all of the reason/problem for a basement wall to crack, leak, bow inward is due to clay and-or underground tree roots or porch footings or concrete slabs etc then…THAT is what needs to be removed, that’s what needs to be done.

And shthead,you omitted, on all these block and brick basement walls there are EXTERIOR cracks, cracked parging…on the outside of those walls, got that?

And you say all homeowners need are freaking carbon fiber straps??? ](,)](,)
Wall anchors installed, very likely told homeowners that was all that was needed.
Well dumb az, cracks have widened and it or course, still leaks!!!
That’s because YOU dumb az’z don’t understand or don’t care that there are Exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxterior cracks in these walls, hello!!!

First 16 pics here, beams installed…aagain nothing done on exterior which is, where the problems are!!! Fc!!
Clay, underground tree roots and some concrete slabs ARE the PROBLEMS.
Yet, another bubblehead sells homeowners CRAP that doen’t remove, relieve the reasons why the wall is bowing in, has multiple cracks and leaks!!! ](*,)

Here’s what underground tree roots can do to the outside and inside of a basement wall, since you fc n don’t get it!
Click each photo to ENLAGE dumb az…see the root, cracks, see the inside?
Eh, eyeball the dang photos a z ho…
Wall is BOWED IN. Leaks.
Not only are there multiple exterior cracks, gaps etc but also see what happens to some blocks…
Can you say disintegrated, deteriorated…huh?
So your dumbshtt carbon fiber straps do NOT fix,repair,waterproof any of this! ](*,)

Pathetic, incompetent, greedy sobs out here tell homeowners just about anything to get a job, to sell -install the CRAP they do.

And to some other incompetent az ho’s who incorrectly think and tell homeowners to raise and slope the grade, your wayyy off as well, need to be sued just like these inside system bubblehead cheats, that’s right.

More bullsht from this guy…grate drain system junk.

Yep, another incompetent inside system installation when the problems are on the outside of the basement wall etc.

4:00… says, there’s a big difference between damproofing and waterproofing and what he is trying to accomplish with duh grate drain system is take care of BOTH. LOlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooollll.

Yo Kenny, duh ummmm, your bubblehead inside system is not damproofing nor waterproofing hello!!
There are cracks, cracked parging etc on the outside…that IS where the water is getting into the blocks, then it comes out onto the basement floor at bottom of wall and floor! That water getting into the blocks on the outside is what is causing the efflorescence and mold on some inside blocks!

Selling and installing interior systems based on false, misleading, incompetent statements to homeowners, for self gain, is friggin fraud.

Tough Guys/REO
1:15…she says that they got brains all where they sit, they think they’re full of fire, she thinks they’re full O shtt…she don’t like YOU…No! :mrgreen: