Home inspector, new project basement evaluation lol

Yeah termite tubes, see the back wall? There ARE cracks, cracked parging on the exterior of the wall, needs EXT waterproofing, he says nothing about this wall.

:50 see the other wall? hahaa OBVIOUS there are multiple exterior cracks in this wall BUTT,
he says they are going to hire a MORON to install an INT DEWATERING system and carbon f-straps lol!
he says the wall is PUSHING IN so, HElllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo!

where is the common sense? is this is how some home inspectors deal with, think of foundation walls then what are their remaining brain cells going to do, point out ‘inspect correctly’ throughout the rest of these houses? That’s if all their brain cells aren’t burnt out, they sure as hlll are on the subject of basement waterproofing.

This house needs EXT waterproofing, done correctly, because it would STOP further water from penetrating the existing exterior cracks in the F walls and would reduce the pressure acting upon the wall. Eh, IF there was a porch let’s say on the outside of the wall that is bowing in, then OUST the sob! Thats right, if the porch or its footing is part or all of the cause of the bowing and cracks and leaks then your dumb azz needs to remove it, duh!

Back to the D E------watering system hahahahaaa = stupid shtt, eh it will NOT ‘stop’ further water from entering so they’ll never stop/prevent further mold, idiotzz

If you lost your brain you need to go find it! How can any home inspector like this, help any homeowner who has basement wall cracks, leaks, bowed wall etc, NOT gonna happen!

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Yep! excellent advice huh Mark. What a dumb video.


Yes, you have that right, Marcel…great advice from Mark and a dumb video.


Mark, I love the videos you post. Just when I think people couldn’t be that dumb you post one from an even dumber dolt!


And probably making money off of those idiot you tube videos.
Frauds is what they are and scammers.


In the instance of this foundation, would it be appropriate to report the cracks, determine the wall is pushing in, and recommend a foundation contractor to determine WHY it is pushing in, and HOW to correct? I don’t have basements here, but occasional crawl space foundations, I can see the cracks, etc, but wouldn’t presume to prescribe a fix for the condition.

Carbon Fiber straps, baby! the way off the future! New Technology, not for old skoolers :slight_smile:

carbon fiber straps more weak azz bullshtt. the interior chumpsters pull this crap often, INSTEAD of removing, reducing the soil weight/pressure acting upon the wall or tree roots etc AND instead of repairing/waterproofing all the exterior cracks, they recommend this bullshtt, its fkg stupid, got milk?

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You’ve got that right, Mark!

And I do have milk! But it is rice milk which I prefer…not so phlegmy. And, it doesn’t need refrigeration until it is opened. :smile:

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lollllllll Larry

yeah sure just slap carbon fiber straps on and install an INT drainage system and sump, like here, sure… cost $20,000++++++, still leaked, see why…

outside view of bowed in wall, duh umm see the added damage to wall CAUSED by forcing wall anchors through/rods, stupid azz bs

so… what? INSTEAD of wall anchors some DORKS are thinking… just use carbon fiber straps?
IDIOTZ! There are exterior cracks in the wall, see them in video? lol That is why, where the water first-enters into the hollow blocks!!! B U B B L E H E A D S! Incompetence=SUE these cheating, lying, scamming sobs!!!

Same house, inside view, see with mortar and paint sometimes they can HIDE aka conceal enough from BUYERS

that’s why it is very important to have the walls ‘inspected’ by someone honest and exp’d, NOT inspected pfft by an interior system lying piece of crap

Tell ya again, jammin’, forcing rods through these damn walls will cause MORE damage aka exterior openings in the friggin wall so MORE water can enter, deteriorate blocks, joints further, r u stupid or somethin? lol