Basement wall failure
These guys say, once horizontal cracks form, the wall should be evaluated by a professional engineer (of course they’ll say that…$), who can specify the proper repair to prevent failure. If caught in time, the repairs can be a simple application of carbon fiber reinforcement to the interior faces, or installation of interior steel braces…

Really? ](*,)

Applying anything against walls on the inside does not, has not…RELIEVED, lessened, removed what most likely CAUSED the dumb az crack(s) in the first place. NOR does applying sht on the inside seal/waterproof EXISTING cracks on the EXTERIOR of the walls…you need to stop water from entering the block, brick walls so the water itself doesn’t screw up/deteriorate the joints, blocks etc!!

Here, beams were installed…apparently like these guys recommend.
What good did it really do? Ya see the HORIZONTAL cracks? lolol
The basement continues to leak, more mold and efflorescence on walls and some cracks have WIDENED! That is WHY the homeowner called my dumb az!
Jesus Kristmas, hire a professional engineer huh?

Here, wall anchors were installed…now what???
Again, duh ummmmm, somebody forgot to address what CAUSED the cracks AND leaks etc. Basement continues to leak, cracks widening, more mold etc.Why did the homeowner call my dumb az!

Carbon straps, beams, wall anchors huh…REALLY? That’s all most need eh?

What about what YOU can’t see and apparently don’t understand what happens to the outside of some blocks…like this…
Wall is bowing in, multiple exterior cracks,gaps where water is entering and some blocks deteriorated!@@#@!@!
Installing junk on interior faces of walls does what for any of these…HUH?

Eng’g guys say one thing, these say another, which my dumb az agrees with :mrgreen:
Resolution…depending on the extent of damage, foundation walls may need to be replaced while OTHERS can be repaired. To PREVENT future damage, the clay MUST BE REMOVED and replaced with sandy-gravelly soil…and waterproofed, outside!

John here gets-it…
…So the water is supposed to drain through an average of 6’ of clay…into the tiles/ Meanwhile the damproofing layer stops water and moisture from touching the wall. SURE. lololol (Get em John ;-))

…Hydrostatic pressure builds as water saturates the backfill…there’s the crack and there’s the pressure.

–Backfill material, quick drainage is the object. So instead of putting clay etc in the trench why not just fill it w/clean stone. BECAUSE many builders and city building departments don’t GET IT or, don’t give a sht…yep.

2.4.3 Foundation Repairs U S Army Corps of Engineers
…for example, we observed pilasters that were improperly supported, the misapplication of carbon fiber straps, and the engineering conviction that wider FOOTINGS (not footer, cmon man!) prevent settlement…we also observed reputable ENGINEERS design solutions that did NOT alleviate the settlement and-or LATERAL PRESSURE PROBLEMS

So peeps, just because someone is an engineer does not at all mean they understand this-subject as well as they should and doesn’t mean your going to get the correct solution/advice, got milk?

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