Fake PAYPAL Email Alert

Hi to all:

I recently received an email from paypal.com/us with the following message:

We recently noticed more attempts to log in to your PayPal account from a foreign IP address.

The subject line was:
Receipt for Your Payment to phonebuyer

The body of the email contained information requesting that I click on the link to verify that the transaction was authorized.


Contact PAYPAL Immediately by forwarding the email to:

The email looks legit with the exception is says paypal.com/us and if you hover over the links you will see an I.P. address. The email looks very authentic down to the logos and copyright information.

Share this information with everyone you know. This is identity theft at its best.

If you did get one of these emails and responded already, contact paypal directly at 1-888-221-1161.

Thanks Jay.

I get a couple of those a week. Another indication that it is a fake is that it does not address you by name. All PayPall comunication will address you by your name.

Very good point paul.


If this is the first one you received your very lucky indeed. I have received one per day in one email account or another for the last couple of years.

PayPal, and Ebay, send me thank you notes back, we are on a first name basis in our quest to stop the tyrants…:smiley:

Fruitless to say the least.

But they sure do a very good job disguising themselves as PayPal or Ebay.

Received this back from PAYPAL.

Thank you for contacting PayPal. We appreciate you bringing this
suspicious email to our attention.

Commonly referred to as phishing, these emails are sent by fraudsters in
an attempt to collect sensitive personal or financial information from
the recipients. PayPal takes phishing threats seriously. Our fraud
prevention specialists are working 24/7 to help protect you and enable
the community to stay safe.

After review, we can confirm that the email you received was not sent by
PayPal. Any website which may be linked to this email is not authorized
or used by PayPal.

Our fraud prevention team is working to disable any website linked to
this email. In the meantime, please do not enter any information into
this website. If you have already done so, you should immediately log
into your PayPal account and change your password, as well as your
security questions and answers. We also recommend that you contact your
bank and credit card company immediately.

If you notice any unauthorized activity on your PayPal account, please
report it to us by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your account only from the PayPal website. Do not use
    links provided in any email.

  2. Click on the Security Center link at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click on the ‘Unauthorized Transaction’ link under the Report a
    Problem column.

  4. Follow the instructions on this page in order to access the
    appropriate form.

Lastly, we recommend taking a few steps to protect yourself from
identity theft:

> Download the SafetyBar, a toolbar for Outlook and Outlook Express,
which identifies known spoof emails.
> Get eBay Toolbar with Account Guard which warns you when you’re on a
potentially fraudulent (spoof) Web site.
> Frequently monitor your account for suspicious activity.

For additional tips please visit the PayPal Security Center at

Once again, thank you for reporting this suspicious email. Your
vigilance helps us in our efforts to protect the PayPal community. If
you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.



Important: PayPal and its representatives will NEVER ask you to reveal
your password. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. If anyone
claiming to work for PayPal asks for your password under any
circumstances, by email or by phone, please refuse and immediately
contact us via our secure webform online.

email is sent to you by the contracting entity to your User Agreement,
either PayPal Inc or PayPal (Europe) Limited. PayPal(Europe) Limited is
authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK
as an electronic money institution.

I get them from ebay and paypal all the time also :mad::mad::mad:

I get them on a daily basis.

I send about 4-6 of them to ebay & paypal @spoof every week. I rarely use them to buy things so I know when I see a fake. I have to note that some of the fakes are getting harder to notice. The address may not have your name in it but the messages are now stateing your first & last name. That is what makes it more & more scarry.

If you ever get one that looks like it came from Ebay, do not open it, but first go to your Ebay account and look at the left side of the page for “Messages”. If you do not have a message there it is a fake email. Ebay will automatically post any real messages from them in your account page. I do not know if PayPal has anything like that but it is a good failsafe method.

paypal, ebay, and every bank or credit card i have heard of… and more…

amazing… these and the letters from trust lawyers whose clients parrished on flight 666…

driving me nuts!!!

How bout those PATS???

I like when I get ones for Credit Cards I don’t even have.

I’ve won so many damn lotteries lately I should be able to retire along with everyone I know…

This is great…

**** If i had a nickle for everyone of these bogus emails…

for fun sometimes… I send email A to email B so they can compare notes!!!

I have found they are really getting good at hiding the true web address in these emails. I have gotten a few that when you mouse over the link, it shows up as the real paypal or ebay url, but when I looked at the message source it will actually redirect to some other website when the link is clicked.

I send all these to ebay and paypal, supposedly they do follow up on them and shut down the sites. But these things are like the Hydra, cut off one head and two more appear.