Beware paypal email....

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

We can confirm that the email you received was not sent by PayPal. The
fraudulent website this email directs you to contains a virus that has
circulated around the internet. If you have clicked on the link or
visited the site, your computer may have been infected.

Do not surrender any personal or financial information that may be
requested. If you have previously submitted this information, we
you contact your issuing financial institution to report the incident.

For additional information regarding this virus, including how to
prevent the infection of or disinfect your computer, please contact
anti-virus software or program provider.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us

PayPal Account Review Department


I get all sorts of SPAM mail which contain viruses. It’s great to make people aware of these type of emails.

I get them from senders that claim they are from PAYPAL, Banks, IRS, etc.

Simply ignore any emails that you are not familiar with. Those freebies and refunds that they are offering are scams. Nothing is FREE.

Thanks for putting that out Ken, I got a funny email as well but I jusst deleted it. Thanks for going the extra mile here, no sarcasm intended.


I have used “Mail Washer” (free) for many years with great satisfaction.

It lets you look at your mail (partially) out on the Internet and remove it before anything comes to your computer.

Even if you just check your mail, something gets to your computer. Not with this program.

You can delete or “bounce” it back making it appear your address is invalid to the sender. This also clogs up the senders server with useless replies (if everyone did it).

It’s like sending back junk mail to the sender in their reply envelope. They only pay postage if you use it. My neighbor sends junk mail from one source back to another.

Mail Washer also lets you check multiple email accounts at the same time.

I only opened the first one several months ago, now I automatically forward them to, because I know I had no transactions on ebay or paypal. I send the ones dealing with IRS tax schemes to and the ones from the afican millionaires stealing excess money, and wanting to share it with me, to the trash. I will check out Mail washer, thanks

Good Job!
Thanks for the “Heads up.”!:stuck_out_tongue:

My wife must talk about me because I get e-mails where people want me to buy Viagra

She’ll talk about you even more if you get some.:wink:

Since it is from Canada maybe Mario can get me some.

I bet “Old Mario” eats them like candy.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing Mario and his lovely wife I do not think he needs that stuff
Roy Cooke