New phishing scam

I just got an email from BBB saying there was a complaint lodged against my company but something did not smell right. I called the BBB with the complaint number and they informed me this is a new phishing scam / virus going around aimed at businesses. They have been inundated with calls. There is a way to forward it and then delete it. Do not open the link!
Be wary of any such emails, and verify first before opening any suspect emails.

I knew it just had to be bogus…I never get any complaints. :wink:

You better not get any complaints or we will give you a Red box. Just Kidding! Thanks for the tip!

You are welcome. Im just glad it wasn’t a “real” complaint. You hate to get those phone calls…“You did an inspection for me…”. Fortunately it almost always turns into another job or a simple request for information but the old pucker string gets a tug on it when you get something like a phone call or an email like this one.

I got one also…I didn’t recognize the name, so I knew it was some sort of scam. clicked on the link for contact us and it said right there it was a pfishing scam.

Never click on a link within your email. Some programs will hijack your
friends email addresses and send you a virus with your friends email
program… and you can’t see the harm until you click on the bogus link.

The name they used was fairly common name and I do not even pretend to know all of the past customers names so I was not 100% sure. But with past experiences with Ebay and PayPal I now have the Spirit of Suspicion with any emails I do not recognized. I thought it a little odd the BBB would use an email to contact me on such a matter so I called the local office. The other thing the name was backwards, first name last, last name first, making the letter grammatically incorrect the way it was written. I hope they catch the SoBs and back the Pontiac over them.

Thanks Doug

If you hover over a link in your email it will show you the true link you will be going to…so even if is says, if you hover over it, it will show you that you are going to a bogus page like, so when I hovered over the link and it said, I knew it went to the real BBB, regardless if the email itself was bogus.