False iNACHI members

There are a few inspectors in my area that claim to be INACHI members yet they are NOT. Does INACHI do anything about it?


Well Chuck, being a non member yourself I’m not sure why you care.


There could be a hundred different reasons why Chuck cares. The bottom line is NACHI does care. We should all care. I know I do.


Send your concern and the inspectors info to fastreply@nachi.org and request they look into the matter.


And Thank You for caring!


I care. I just found it odd that a ASHI member like Chuck cared.

Perhaps he just values and appreciates what Nachi does for his business (education). He obviously cares enough about the profession to come here (as an unmoderated guest) and share his expertise with us.

I never understood Nicks decision to let non member home inspectors become “unmoderated” guests.

Specialty trades yes

Home inspectors no.

Just need to remember, they were nominated by Members, and had a proven track record of being helpful, and non-abusive to Members.

Just sharing my opinion.


Maybe Chucks competition, claiming to be INachi members, are kicking his butt, so instead of spending $289.00, Chuck came here to complain.

Very estute Michael.:cool:

Not so…Not complaining just trying to clean things up around here. There are a lot of egos and liars here in So Cal, It gets real frustrating when others advertise things that are not true!!


This is an everyday occurrence amongst many HI’s.

I hear of this false advertising all the time. It doesn’t bother me a bit, but I wish there was a responsible individual from iNACHI policing this type of false advertising.

Found a Canadian NACHI-certified member’s website the other day:

  1. No mention of NACHI on the site

  2. Site does refer to Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation- This national government organization supports the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) with funding and direct promotion in its literature.

  3. Site does refer to the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI). By the way, from what I could determine with a web search, this individual is not a member of OAHI, nor certified by this org!

Appears that unless you have strong government licensing where you live, there is no oversight of the HI industry. Any Tom, Dick or Harry will eventually be your competitor as the HI field becomes better known through TV shows and numerous schools’/franchisors’ advertising. In my area, the number of HI’s has doubled in the past 1-2 years with more trying to enter the field. I get at least 6 or 7 calls per year from people considering becoming an HI.


That would be a FULL TIME JOB.

I do not think NON MEMBERS Like Chuck should even be allowed to post in here. If he wants to get free info he needs to step up and pay membership. I do not believe anyone should be allowed to view or post here or get any free classes unless paying there dues. Just my Thought.

A rare point of agreement, dig it. :smiley:

Not quite full-time.

It’s a simple assignment that an existing employee can take on.

All iNACHI Members simply email (the responsible assigned individual) the URL that is falsely advertising the iNACHI logo. This responsible iNACHI employee will then email an official request to remove the falsely advertised logo, with a threat to take the next step if logo is not removed within a specific time period.

The existing membership dues wouldn’t pay for this type of assignment?

6000+ members x 289.00= $1,734,000.00 in just member fees per year. Hummmm dont want to step on any ones toes here but how much does it take to run INACHI???