False Settlement Crack

I run across this issue a few times and wanted to pass it on to others. Typically in a basement wall that is shoved inward a stress crack will develop that is wider at the top than the bottom. At first glance it may appear to be the typical settlement crack which also is usually wider at the top than the bottom. However if you run a string line along the the top of the wall you you can usually detect the bow in the wall. Also if the outside of the foundation is visible the crack will appear more as a shrinkage crack uniform in width. Depending upon the geometry of the foundation and the volume of clutter in the basement you may not be able to determine if the crack was due to settlement or bowing. In this case more information will be needed.

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There is NO settling,no cracked or dropped footing…no need to spend a shttload on anything other than exterior waterproofing.

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Came across that Randy. That is exactly what it does.

This one was patched, bowed about 1+ inch and minor crack at the bottom showing some leakage.



Hi Randy,

You’ve done a great service with illustrations and covering some of this “ground”. Would you consider posting some common issues and illustrations with Basement and Slab on grade stuff…?

IMO, there is a considerable amount of information for inspectors, but some information to help identify some common structural issues would go along way for those to understand what to look for, if nothing else.

Albeit, a geometry lesson as well. :slight_smile:

Additional structural references would be helpful to a lot of folks, for sure.

Battered basement foundation wall Russel. Bowed, old, and prolly has old potatoe digger lags for reiforcment. :mrgreen: