fan above tub?

Can you have a exhaust fan above the tub and shower?

Mass opinion on other threads is it is not a good idea though there is no chance for shock or falling glass.

I do not have a problem with it.

It’s fine. Usually the fan’s instructions will say that GFCI protection is required when used over a tub or shower.

thank you

lol…go remove the fan and then you have a receptacle over the tub area…lol…ok…ok…I wont press that…lol…it’s fine if on GFCI

  1. What is the likelihood of it being on GFCI?

  2. How would you test it during a home inspection?

If the instruction were followed it would be on a GFI. You could trip the GFI and see if it goes off.

If that bathroom has a dedicated circuit you can supply the fan and lights from the GFCI receptacle.

Was thinking the same thing … :wink:

Lol…a light fixture can be operated by someone standing in the tub, but a ceiling exhaust fan has to be GFCI protected…go figure…lol!

Only because the manufacturer requires it. Corporate CYA.

Just in case you like taking off the cover and playing with the fan blades while showering.

Big time fun.:slight_smile:

In the CEC, a light switch (and by inclusion through similarity, probably a fan switch-BM) must

(a) be located not less than 1m (~39.4") from a bathtub or shower stall; or

(b) if the condition in Item (a) is not practicable, be located not less than 500mm from a bathtub or shower stall and be protected by a GFCI of the Class A type.

Sure explains everything perfectly clear to me.

The reason is because they said so.:slight_smile: