Is anyone aware of a dimmer switch like the one in the photo that is designed to be used on a ceiling fan?

Sure. Looks like a Lutron Diva fan speed control. They’re visually identical to their Diva dimmers. There’s no way to say, for a fact, whether that’s a dimmer or a fan speed control without reading the sticker on the back of the control.

Thanks Marc, your alright for a guy who spells his name wrong.


One clue, sometimes, to tell whether someone has used a dimmer instead of a fan speed control, is to run the fan at a low speed. When a dimmer has been utilized instead of a fan speed control, the control, the fan, or both will normally hum loudly. This is by no means a definitive test, but a pretty decent rule of thumb that might better justify further investigation.

I have that same Lutron series in my home.

The fan switches are all paddle type for speed with a rocker below and the light dimmers all small sliders on the side.


You’ve got a Diva dimmer in there, but that fan speed control is not the current Diva style. You’ve got two different series of controls in your pic. That fan speed control in your picture is a Leviton 6629-PT, and is NOT a Lutron fan speed control. The Lutron Diva fan speed controls are visually identical to their Diva dimmers.

Didn’t know that.

I’ll take your word for it.

I have 6 fans all with the same set up.

All original from 1999

No problem. If you thought you were getting all Diva controls, somebody gyped you. The Leviton fan speed control pictured is about 1/2 the cost of the Lutron Diva fan speed control. Performance-wise, they’re both fine.

Controls where not specified to be all Diva.

Why the big price difference?

Lutron has long been considered the Cadillac of dimmers. The price reflects that. Once upon a time, they were a supply house only brand. Some of their more common product has made it into the home centers and hardware stores of late, but their high end stuff is still strictly supply house only material. Leviton is more mass market, thus the lower price. I think it’s fair to say that most electricians prefer Lutron, but will also install the cheap stuff on a bid job.


What I see in your pic are screws pointing in all directions, which is not a defect as such. But a licensed electrician once told me that cover plates screws should all be pointing in the same directions, verticaly or horizontaly…anything less points to amateur work.

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Pas toujours le cas. Un jour vous ne pouvez pas serrer trop la plaque-couvercle autrement il craquera.

Not always the case. Sometime you can not overtighten the cover plate otherwise it will crack.