Recessed Lights

The electric wiring is up against the box of a recessed light for an insulated ceiling. I don’t like it but is it wrong?


depends on whether it’s rated for zero clearance to combustibles.

most fixtures that are will say so.

Check for a “IC” stamp or sticker.


It looks okay to me.

As long as it is an IC rated fixture, which is looks like to me, it is perfectly fine.

Why don’t you “like it”?

I don’t see an issue with the wiring.

The wiring has to enter the box at some point, at at that point it would be touching the box, whether it’s IC rated or not. No other way around it, as I see it. Right?

The IC rating has to do with insulation.

IC is for Insulation only, has nothing to do with wiring… You are correct

Did you pull back insulation on other fixtures?

I see not issues really with the wire running beside it. heck when you replace the insulation, tuck some between the wires and the can if overly concerned otherwise it seems fine from the image.

False, IC means that unit will protect itself from overheating and degrading its components (wiring, terminals, socket, etc), either by design and/or protective devices even when fully covered in insulation.

So if it’s non-IC and covered, the internal wires and wires touching the metal components are at risk. IC protects to like 90C, and fiberglass melts at a much higher temp. :wink:


OK maybe I didnt word that correctly… As a home inspector id there is no IC sticker and it is covered, you have a problem… Still has nothing to do with the wiring.