Farewell to My Friends and Foes

Jim has been a friend and confidant for many years. He is quite intelligent, level-headed, and does not make hasty decisions. He was a voice of reason on the ESOP committee, and had the ability to examine an issue from all sides, often taking the side of the accused.

Jim was known as Captain NACHI, and weathered many personal and public attacks all because of, and for, this association.

Whether you agreed with Jim, likes him, hated him, or whatever… NACHI was better off with him. And as Gerry B stated, Jim is better for NACHI as an ally rather than an adversary.

Good luck, my friend…

Jim, as far as I can tell, every one of your posts has made InterNACHI stronger. I enjoyed every round.

Best wishes my friend.

I started to leave once the “blind home inspector” was removed from the home page but I hung in there. Look what I got now.:wink: Change can be good.

Talk to you in a bit as a non-member, if not good luck.

I can understand why Jim is leaving. Looking forward to seeing Jim at the state capital again this year.

I would like for Jim to be more detailed as to exactly why he is leaving and what association he has joined in it’s place.
Why is the ASHI association better?

Never saw Jim afraid of detailed explanations till now.

Better is a relative term, both organizations have their strengths & weaknesses just ask anyone who belongs to both. Our profession is under stress that is causing change which will produce further divergence between ASHI & NACHI, we will just have to wait and see which association model better adapts to these changes if any. With the states becoming the arbiters of standards via licensing, associations will have to find another niche which they can exploit to provide value for their members.

That would be education and lobbying.

Looks like they did both pick one.

Our assciation is loosing a valuable contibutor.

The best to you and yours, Jim.

I talk to ASHI members all the time, at my classes, and they are stunned once they
really see all the free education (approved in many states) and member benefits
that interNACHI has. Those who attend my class get a free InterNACHI membership
and they tell me this was one of the motivating factors to take our class.

BTW… I told James he would be leaving 6 months ago. It was easy to spot.
I wish him luck.

Best wishes to you Jim

good luck Jim!!


I have often enjoyed your posts even when I disagreed with them.

I hope you will one day return here as a member.

All the best Captain NACHI

Best of luck Jim.


Joe F. said it best, I echo the same sentiments!
It was a pleasure knowing you and serving on the same committee with you.
BTW On a personal level, Thanks for ALL your help!

I wish you the best my friend! I also wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

He has found a new purpose.


Ozark Jim

And hopefully will live longer because of it. :slight_smile: