Farewell to My Friends and Foes

This will be my final post as a member of NACHI on this message board.

For reasons that are both personal and professional, I will not be renewing my membership which expires after today.

Whether you be a message board friend or foe, I appreciate the years spent exchanging ideas with you. Whether we agreed or disagreed on any one or several topics, I always came away from the debate with more than I entered it…and I am forever grateful to you for that.

If I ever offended you with my posts, I hope you will forgive me. Vigorous debate over hot issues sometimes increased my adrenalin at levels that exceeded my common sense and personal dignity. It was always my intent, though not always was I successful, to hate the sin but to love the sinner.

NACHI was, in my opinion, the finest of the home inspection associations when it tried to be. I am hopeful that it will, someday, return to that agenda. Both iNACHI and our profession will be better for it.

I wish you all success by whatever standard you personally choose to measure it.

Good luck!

Will miss the battles.
Must admit they were fun.

well Jim all I can say is i hope with time you re-consider…You will be missed Here Sir if You decide to stay away…jim

I had you on ignore for the longest time … but your not bad for an a - hole …trust me it’s a compliment. :wink:

All the best to you and yours James.

I wish you the very best, Jim. The longer I knew you the more I became to understand and appreciate you as a professional and a person. I always knew there was a good man behind the keyboard. :wink:

Good Luck Jim. Thanks for your contributions.

Good luck! Jim

Good Luck Jim. We had our fair share of disagreements, but I respected you and your right to have your own opinion.

I learned alot from you James. Thanks. My iNACHI renewal is still on my desk. It may be there for awhile. I have yet to decide to renew. Not enough promotions and news for home inspectors. I have recently been disappointed. Contact me when you need help in Missouri.

Hi Jim,

good riddance, thats what I say :wink:

In all seriousness though, we have locked horns over the years, but I have come to recognize your finer points, I for one would sooner have you inside the tent pi$$ing out, than outside pi$$ing in. :shock:

Be well mate


See ya ol’ buddy. Good luck.

You opened up some eyes and increased awareness of many things. Good luck to and yours!


Take care I’m sure whatever you decide to do you will land on your feet.

All the best



Good luck And take care.

I wish you the same James. Be well. Ken

Jim, good luck in all your future endeavors.

May you find what you are seeking in the New Year. Best Wishes.

Wow, that opened my sleepy eyes this morning!

I though it would be a cold day in Hell…
…but then it is only 7 degrees F this morning in TN! :wink:

Good luck Jim.