Fascia Brick wall - behind the scenes

I got a nice picture opportunity in the neighborhoods to illustrate how sloppy brick layers leave mortar inside the air space, and subsequently how moisture can be trapped in that way.

thoughts and comments?

The OSB above needs some paint too!

The new thing in some of these neighborhoods is going green. They’re achieving the ‘natural’ look. Sometimes, if the owners really want to splurge, they’ll put on a protective white coat to prevent damage to the OSB from direct sunlight. They tend to leave it up for a couple years. I believe they call it ‘Tyvek’. :wink:


Oh speaking of that check this house out, it was across the street, no doubt same workers.
Evidently the common thing to do now is tape the insulation in lieu of wrap.
I don’t like it. God i hope they have a fast truck that will get them out of town fast. Hope the home owner got a deal :roll:

wonderful craftsmanship eh?? :roll: more like crapsman****

Some of that is scary. You would think new construction by phase inspections would be more popular. Every now and then we will do a pre dry wall inspection, but that is it.

Thats wild .I thought I had seen pretty much everything last year when I rebuilt a chimney .I will post pictures soon.This is not as good but right up there with the crapsmanship award of the year.
Where was the home if you don,t mind answering and do not be specific.

Of COURSE, it was in Chicago ILLINOIS. Where the weather is so moderate and mild… NOT.:wink:

Thanks Joe .I will post the pictures of the chimney I rebuilt and its a real beauty if you understand the process and the minimum separation requirements.
Joe its normal for masons to leave that masonry there. totally normal but not that much.Thats the way its done.Yes its a sloppy job but rarely do you cut off masonry from the inside of the course.It would only fall down anyway.I am a mason Joe own a brick restoration business in Canada for 11 plus years.
Looks like an apprentice tried out his luck on a job.Thats what I make out by photos.
Yes it not a good job from the photos I see but I was talking to ,or pointing out the cladding ,siding that was left on the wall it should have been striped off or at the very least covered ,the wood siding that is and the best would be to replaced with a water proof ply and vapor retarder and insulated if possible.I can,t see the brick ties (wall ties ) either but could be photos.
Was the job stopped by inspectors.

Its craptastic crapsmanship and desurves an award.The craptastic crapsmanship of the year award and handed out by The liers stealers and thieves union of crapsmansship 101.All meating at the jailclub union hall just south of the mason dixion line.

The tape on the seams of the sheathing was common years ago, a lot of builders would not even do that.

Thank you - yes they should have taken the opportunity to do something with the old wood siding in terms of protecting it, add insulation etc. what better chance can you get?

This happened to just be a job in progress that i saw while strolling through the neighborhood. I dont know what became of either of the homes ( one was across street of the other_ maybe same crew)
however - it would be neat to go there now and document how the finished product may look just like any other home…

I had a moisture intrusion inspection this morning where I found the sill flashing caulked. Water was spilling into the home. Owner had set up a sprayer to get it to leak within 5 minutes.





Linas I.Dapkus
I have a 4000 psi and can be controlled to as low as 750 psi for just this case.With in minutes the water shows its self and problems are easy to follow up on.If you do not mind me asking you how did you write up the report ,with photo’s and explanation and what else was in the report.I am new to home inspections. Not going to ask you the cost.I myself am setting up a verity of inspection reports to add as a service.
You do not have to answer me I will totally understand and be able to get it addressed with a little experience.Nice explanatory pic,s.Windows and sills is to me the most problematic area of walls for water, weather, air,and can be for energy loose if roof is insulated properly.