Fast Reply ???

Is the Fast Reply email still in effect?


I’ve answered every email, every day, without fail, for over 10 years, including Christmas.

The last email I got from you Bill was on March 13th and I replied to it immediately.

Never got it Nick. I even checked my spam and trash. Could you send it again? Thanks, and have a great weekend.

Sending. Check your junk mail box.

I’m backing Nick, he has never missed a response, even when I annoy him.


I’ve also used fast reply numerous times and have always gotten a reply well…as the name implies…fast! Great Service!


No lie!
Nicks the guy :slight_smile:

Nick is correct in his response time…it is fast…a man of few words but gets the job done fast. :smiley:

It 's not how many words he says, its what he says that counts

hello this is Jeff Mears. The course is not grading my quizzes. can you fix this or tell me how to?

Try to get in contact with Ben at the fast reply address. If you can’t find him contact Nick and he will get it to him.

This may work better for specific people:

I always gotten a response back from Nick, Nick did you receive my last email for the wind mitigation pictures you wanted for the gallery? I had to dropbox them. I could post them on the forum if that is ok, I don’t want any compensation for them. Your association has done enough for me.

Shawn are referring to the OP?

Yes, I just though I would hijack this thread instead of creating a new one.

It worked :slight_smile:

In the continuing education policy it talks about things that qualify and things that do not. Under the heading of things that qualify it said InterNACHI’s qualifying subject matter is quite broad. Anything reasonably deemed to be inspection-related can be considered qualifying including CE credits earned from other inspection associations. But under heading of things that do not qualify it states Any course or training provided or hosted by NAHI . Can you explain what the reason for this is? Thanks

Chuck Brower

They are a scam organization. They charge inspectors in our industry dues and give them nothing in return. Read their membership benefits page (a whopping 18 items long… LOL)… it’s all fluff: education that they don’t provide, only arrange (huh?), someone else’s booklet (that has nothing to do with inspections), a national referral service (that gets zero visitors…LOL), marketing (that you have to pay additionally for…LOL), connections to Facebook (oh good, I’d never be able to find Facebook without that membership benefit… LOL).

This is what a membership benefits page should look like:

Anyway, they are a scam group.

Thank you ccurrins.