Faux stone siding

Has anyone had any experience or seen the faux stone siding made of polystyrene in use?

Customer had some samples in 2 ft x 4 ft sheets, interlocking, looking like dry-stack stonework. Very light, would also break easy. One of the ‘stones’ broke in our handling it.

Anyone seen this in use?

Haven’t seen on exterior, only interior. From afar it looks like simulated stone, up close it looks like simulated stone (crap), to me.

Some products should be kept where they belong, to-go packaging and shipping filler.


They are made of polystyrene? Wow, I can picture the dog clawing at these. They’ll last a few days and it’s time for replacement.

Never in my life would I install this crap anywhere in or around my home.

Free runing chickens just love that stuff.
They all have full crops and it is so easy to get.
No food value and they can destroy a wall while you work in the garden.
Been there … Cookie

My biggest concern is when these pannels and/or faux wood beams are used inside. As a plastic foam material they should be covered with a fire rated material. Of course that would defeat the intention of installing the products.

I have seen its use as an exterior insulating finish on foundation walls.


Subterranean termites also love to burrow thru this stuff.

Paul, your in luck if you want to order some at $9.00 p.s.f…

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Firerated panels may take longer.

They probably glue a 3/8" drywall on the back so when you have already died from the fumes in the fire, the walls will be spared. ha. ha. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile:

The woodpeckers ought to like it like they do EIFS! :twisted:

Somehow stone with woodpecker holes just does not seem right!:mrgreen:

Now I know why you guys in Kansas use stucco instead of cedar siding! :slight_smile:


I can just imagine what they would do with faux stone looking for the sap. ha. ha.

Kansas has three major sap suckers in the Country. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:


I am glad you posted that link!

The list of sap suckers is alot bigger then that and they walk among us!:mrgreen:

Hey I here it is very convenient as you can repair it with Great Stuffand it is a good insulate.
For my next project I am going to be siding my house with packing peanuts.
My old bean bag chair just burst so I will make use of the pellets to fill in the small spaces and conserve energy.Keep Green :mrgreen:

When I was at Home Depot last week, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but they were actually selling styrofoam baseboard trim. That should last a week in a living area.

Gotta wonder how those toxins smell in a fire.

I believe it is cyanide Gas that is given of when it Burns . foam board must be covered In Canada

It’s got to be covered in the US also. I don’t know how the manufacturer’s get away with retailing this product.

It appears that you can buy this product with a fire rating and the test results appear to be in the 20/200 range.

I don’t believe I would want to find out personally as to exactly what happens.

Since the product can be purchased with a fire rating and the same product without the rating, I can just see it now being installed in the wrong place and when you see the product, how would one know the difference and how would you call it out?


Marcel :slight_smile: