Is this manufactured stone??

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artificial stone ]

[ Image: front of house ]

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Looks like an older application of stoneface, I couldn’t fine any info this old stuff, but this is how they do it now.

I have seen some really shoddy older brickface/stoneface sidings, they have gotten much better at installing this stuff over the last dozen years or so. One of the bigest problems (aside fron the stuff falling off in chunks) is water penetration behind the siding starts to delaminate plywood sheathings. Gets pretty nasty quickly.

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jkowalski wrote:
I inspected an older house (built in the 1930's) in Chicago and it was clad in an artificial stone product that was not original to the house. It looked like stone, but when I tapped on it, it sounded hollow. The stone product felt sandy. I would guess that the product is very thin, maybe 1" thick. See the attached photo.

Anybody have any experience with this product? Anything special to look for?

John Kowalski
[ Image: artificial stone ]
[ Image:
front of house ]

I would treat it basically like any other veneer on the exterior of a house, brick,siding, stone, etc. Try to determine if it is basically sound, intact, adhering to the structure, doing what it is supposed to be doing. I would certainly suggest sealing any visible cracks, such as the ones in your first picture, to prevent water penetration.

This type of product, because it is so thin, and doesn't have the bulk of real stone, will probably sound hollow when you tap on it. That in and of itself doesn't indicate any problem, unless it has some give to it. Then it may mean that it is coming loose from the wall.

Mark Long
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Hi. John;

I remember this stone facing from when I was a kid in High School.
A local mason use to do this type of work in the area of Maine in Northern Aroostook County. He was one of the best masons around at the time and did remarkable work with this product.

They called it then, as Perma-Stone. It originated in 1929, based out of Columbus, Ohio. A history of this product and similar products is available on the internet, under perma-stone. It is quite interesting.

For me the product is just memories. I do not see this done anymore.
The new generation is now into Cultured Stone Products.

Hope this helps.