favor please

A good friend of mines home schooled kid is doing a geography project and trying to get post cards (or anything) mailed to him from all over.

If anyone is willing to help that would be great.

his address:

Justin Voight
3205 Pipers Glen Dr
Lafayette, IN 47909

It is in the mail box,
Anything to help a Kid get good grades.
God knows I did not get many :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mike!

Will Do

How soon does he need these? Because he should be getting a card from England, Ireland, Spain, France, Australia, Holland, Finland, Hawaii and Texas

Thats awesome Will! and thanks Troy! he started about a month ago and put the word out but then only got a few so we all put the word out again and hes getting a couple every day! what a great way to get a kid interested in geography. Looking at the globe (do they still make those?) and seeing where things are coming from!
Hes got asbergers and his mom finally got frustrated with the public schools and started teaching him at home he is 12 and reading/ spelling at a 4th grade level due the piss poor accommodations available in the public school.

Rob, I’ll pick one up today and get it in tomorrows mail.

Used to have a great collection of really BAD post cards from New Mexico, don’t know where they are. Hope a Holiday card is OK.

Awesome, He will be so excited! thanks guys!

Done! :slight_smile: