FBI: If you take a shot at the king, you'd better not miss

You better have found something MORE important to national security than 33,000 classified emails. Otherwise, you’'ll be looked upon as a biased, corrupt, bogus, agency for the next 50 years. You and your Peter Stzrok already tried to stop Trump from being elected the first time.

I’ll withhold judgement until I see what you got, but you better have retrieved something really good from that Mar O Laga raid. Not just some unclassified happy birthday letter from Kim Jong-un.


Listened to your webinar, excellent! Thank you for all your information and ideas…

Where do you find it?

Where do you find it?

I can see it now. Potential clients researching what weight an InterNACHI certification holds and leave thinking that its nothing more than a bunch of right-wing radicals.

It helps if you take of the political blinders and see that both sides are the problem. People on both sides want heads to roll if the other party does it but will defend it if it’s their own. They will sit there and then question why we can’t evolve as humans.

Also, we should demand better than Biden or Trump as the best two options to run the country.