February Level 1 training in TN

I’ll be heading down here for Level 1 training February 19 through 22 coming up. :smiley:

Anyone else attending?


Looks like we will be in the level I at the same time, but different schools.

Good Luck!!!


It’s in my city!

Is the class confirmed?

I received confirmation yesterday via email.

So, as much as anything can be confirmed before-hand, it is.

Any recommendations for a hotel off I-24 exit 4 around Wilma Rudolph Blvd area?

Thanks Kevin!..and to you too!:smiley:

The Level 1 training in Michigan near where I took the BS course was full for this month and they didn’t know when they may be back here so I decided to hit the next nearest one. I liked ITC’s course before. We’ll see how this one goes.


I just got conformation from ITC also.

I will check on lodging for you.
I do have a bed in the bunkhouse if your interested!

You may save some cash if you keep away from the interstate.
Are you driving down?

Why are you taking Level 1 after Building Science?

Thanks David, I appreciate the offer!

My bride is going to join me so we’ll make some fun out of the trip too.

If I do something over and over I get better at it and whenever there is something new it takes a while to get through my thick head. :smiley:

I enjoy learning and, as David Valley confirmed, there is plenty more to learn in the Level 1 class.


I am leaning that way as well.

I am from Concord, Ma., just a few miles from ITC. I stayed with my best friend while I was at BS and it sure beat a motel! I can hardly turn down the course if it is in my neighborhood! Besides the cost of course and missed work expense it is just too convenient to pass on. I discussed it with the “Chief Executive Officer” (my wife) and it looks like a “Go”! Will see you there.

The hotels sudgested are out at the Mall area and all the choices of chain restaurants. If you go down town by the river it is in the old part of the city that has been re-built, as it was scrubbed off the face of the earth by a tornado a few years back. It has more character there if your not into the Mall Scene (old town shopping, museums, the riverside parks, one of a kind dinning, a much nicer sunset, ect.). Do not go north of the city (Hw 41-A) towards the Military Base in Kentucky if you want a good night’s sleep!


I’m looking forward to it and will see you there. :smiley:

Good luck guys. I’m glad to see that there are more interested individuals who enjoy learning about IR inspections.

Trust me. When I told everyone that the Level 1 IR certification course was very interesting and that I learned so much about infrared cameras (important information that wasn’t taught in BS course). You will see that the information you learn there will definitely be crucial in performing IR inspections in homes.

Make sure they divide you guys up, like they did in our course. They placed me with the users of similar Ir cameras. You’re not going to enjoy learning how to use those $25,000 cameras. That’s why they divide you up when the workshop comes into play.

Any questions regarding the Level 1 course, I’m here for ya.

Hints: Highlight all pertinent information in your reference manuals as you learn. (you should get 3 manuals)

You should receive a Level 1 Study Guide on the 1st day. Browse the questions, and fill them in as the instructor teaches you these items.

I have all the correct answers.

Good Luck and pay attention.

By the way…the Lunches aren’t bad. They even treated us to a Lobster dinner and drinks on the evening of day 3.

Thanks David.

An advance on study questions would be helpful to this old brain. It needs to be drilled into me many times.:smiley:

whis11 @ charter.net

I’m banking on that referral David!
I am really wanting to expand my conceptual perception of IR.

I also feel that Level I, II & III is most recognized in the industry. I don’t want to be asked in court what Level Building Science Certification is (though it is a heavy weight specialization in the field).


Do you have a fax number?

This will avoid having to scan everything.

You have a PM.


I’m an early riser, I usually beat the roosters. I don’t want to wake you and your family so I’ll be faxing about 11:00 my time.


I just got home.

I received 13 pages of ink spots. I will take them to my therapist for his read :stuck_out_tongue: but being usefull for IR study they are not.:frowning:

Thanks for trying…I don’t think it’s with my fax, David.


I just sent 1 copy. Let me know if it works now.
I’ve got an inspection this morning. I’ll send remaining when I return (if the single one works).

I’m sorry, David, it was the fault of my machne.

I received a fax, after your 13 unreadable pages, that was fine and then got your one unreadable page again. So, I started checking more and found the ink cartridge from Cartridge World was leaking inside. I cleaned everything up and tried again only to have the same leak.:frowning:

I’ll probably quit buying from Cartidge World.

I cleaned it up again and stuck the “starter” cartridge back in from when I bought this fax 6 months ago and it works fine.

I pulled your 13 pages from the fax memory and life is good again. :smiley:

Thank you.:smiley:

I hate fax machines! :slight_smile:

So you’re good to go now?