Flir Training

I’m happy to report that Roy and I have passed two exams thus far and have our final exam on Fri.
This is more intense training than I anticipated but well worth the cost and time.
Roy must have been a ITI expert in a past life because he answers most of the questions!!
Anyway here are some photos of the two of us and our instructor Paul.

…and a couple of more photos.

For those of you that don’t know Roy or me, we are the two Handsome guys sitting down!! [insert smile here]

Hi Mario, I assume you and Roy had a great time. My brother Alan and I did when we went.

Your right about the class being intense, I’m glad I had a copy of Will’s IR PP to review before the class.

I got an email from ITC today, actullay it’s their monthly newsletter and there was a article that states the DOE recommends a thermal imaging/energy audit on all home sales. I think this is definatelly the way of the future for home inspectors.

Glad you guys liked the class and good luck to you and Roy on your final exam tomorrow.

Thanks Peter!!

We are having a blast! All the students are a great bunch of guys (and one lady) and the instructor is great as well.

Did you figure out the brain teaser? I think it’s a suspended bridge?

Sure hope that was not you in the orange shirt as that guy is still a pup.:cool:

I am already yearning to go for my level two. Just found out today that one of the local companies paid to fly a Thermographer in from KY for a weeks worth of scanning. I can guarantee that will not be the case next year. My foot will be in the door.

Mario, I have to look at it again but now that you mention it it I think your right.

Did you like the one about the computer mouse, I can’t tell you how many times I look at that and could not figure it out, the you see the picture and say, OH yeah I get it now!!!


This is the first time I have looked at it and knowing what it is would be hard for me to know if I could have guessed the correct answer. But this “Month’s Brain Teaser” does look like a suspended Bridge to me.


I’m not a “Pup” but I do wish I was sometimes!! The average age(IMO) of attendees (Not factoring the instructors age ,myself and Roy’s age) is 30 years old.

Good luck with your level 2!!

Taking this course I wonder how others who have not done the level one make out using their camera on Inspections ?
… Cookie

And what is wrong with orange shirts?:cool:

I am glad that my PP has been of help. Anyone wants to have a class in it, just let me know.

BTW: With the depressed market and the times (between Thanksgiving and New Years, when there are few inspections) I would ask you to consider that I have been VERY busy with energy audit inspections and mositure intrusion inspections. I even had to turn away 4 inspections this week (3 energy audits and one leaking roof) but I sent them on to other NACHI guys in my area who also do thermal.

Great ancillary service.

Income is income. Just make sure you do a good job.

Will, I also market my IR service to commercial roofing companies, Condo associations, insulation’s companies, insurance companies and restoration companies like ServPro.

Business is slow in my area but it helps to diversify and the camera helps.

Thank for the PP on thermal imaging, it has been very helpful and I can’t imagine anyone getting into this field not using it.

Good luck guys… glad to hear you are having fun.


Thanks John you Mario and Will have been a great supporter of me and been A great help… Cookie

Thanks John!!!
Just taking a break from studying. I have not studied this hard in 30+ years!!

How you interpret what you see with the camera without getting formal training? I think training is a must. Just to buy a camera and wave it around at an inspection and pretend that you know what you’re looking at is foolish

Heading to Detroit Monday for FLIR Building Science certification. :wink:

I’ll see you in Novi, Erol…:wink:

Cool! :smiley:

Just helping out the old (gaseuos release as a result of fermentation in the upper bowel)s. :mrgreen: