Take Nick's Money


The home maintenance book “Now that you’ve had a home inspection…” is on sale for only $1.70.

It costs $2.20 to print it.

Nick is essentially paying you 50 cents to purchase the book.


The InterNACHI Book Sale and Free Stuff Giveaway
The home maintenance book

0% interest financing option as well.

Now is the time to market your inspection biz!

I can understand that you are recovering from back surgery so that your “meds” might be affecting your judgment about “giving money away”.

How can “losing 50-cents on every book” be a good deal for NACHI?

You might want to “re-think” this offer! :wink:

I ordered 200 last spring; they are all gone. Good timing; I just ordered another 100.

My clients love this book. Im not sure how many of them actually read it, but I like seeing their faces light up when I hand them one.

FedEx truck could not pick up all the boxes we shipped today. They have to come back in the am. Over 15,000 books were sold with this deal. Sale ends tomorrow.


A couple more hours and the sale will be over folks.

I have been using this book. Hand it out to clients, specifically the first time home owner. They could use the information, never having had a house before.

The love it and use it. Many have called and told me how wonderful it was, when they have a problem and look it up in the book. The book does not always explain how to fix the problem, but the background on the issue helps them to better understand the problem.

Great info for educating the client and a great marketing multiplier, for the inspector and for NACHI.

Am ordering the 100 book deal.