Federal Pacific Fuse Panel

From time to time I see Stab-Lok FPE Panels during inspections and I’m aware of the issues associated with their Stab-Lok panels. Are there any concerns about the FPE fuse panels? I know it is a completely different design, but I want to get some other inspectors thoughts if possible.


No more so, than with any other fuse panel. Many of our board contributers prefer fuses to breakers.

I am an electrician, and I can safely say that the FPE fuse panels don’t seem to suffer from any of the issues that the breaker panels did. The FPE fuse panel only have problems that are common to any fuse panel, such as non-compliant double-tapping and overfusing. You can, however, put me in the camp of the people who feel that fuses offer superior protection over breakers (in general).

I rather use the fuse over the breaker for personal reason but on that photo that bring me the memories when i first move in the USA from France that is the first fuse box i did ran into :smiley: took me a little while to get used to the system.

btw, above the main fuse cartage holder ] the subfeed circuit should be fused to sized to the wires it ran off and i think that is #6 but hard to see for a min. it should have 60 amp max ]

Merci , Marc

Wait until you run into one of these 1914 panel. Service for 5,600 sq ft.
All of the electrical was run in conduit or flex and some of the light bulbs were original. :shock:

Hi to all,

Thats a fabulous panel Barry, I want it for my collection!! I have never seen a residential panel that used cartridge fuses for the branch circuits. :smiley:




Yep, there were many nice fixtures but I believe they all went at auction.

You can get her for the low, low price of http://www.abio.com/_properties_realestate/PropertyDetails.cfm?Property=1969

I inspected her 3 years ago as part of the court battle that ensued. A “Grand” home and lady that owned her.
The tale, trials, and tribulations were published in numerous articles for months and to this day.

Unfortunately she is in a stage of continued disrepair, rot and structural failure, unless something has taken place since I went by about a year ago. She’s around the corner from my wife’s office.

I can save you the price of a motel room if your coming this way.
Mi casa es tu casa! :mrgreen: