Federal Pacific fuse panel

Is there any concern with the Federal Pacific FUSED panels or is it just the breaker panels that are of concern?

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Read this:


Nope. The problem is with the Stab-lok brand, breakers and panels.

Thanks Jeff!

On the other hand, if it has fuses in it and its made by FPE, it must be pretty old. A recommendation for upgrading is appropriate due to “obsolete equipment”.

Why is “old” necessarily “obsolete”. Fuses are a reliable method of providing overcurrent protection, perhaps better than breakers. The only down side is if you are blowing them a lot. That is an indication of bigger problems that should be addressed. A panel full of old dusty fuses is a good indicator that the service is adequate for the connected load.
Just remember a breaker usually fails closed, where a fuse can only fail open, a much safer condition. That is particularly true if the fuses are type S. If I was going to recomend anything about a fuse panel that was large enough for the load, it would be that S adapters should be installed if they are not there already.
BTW that is the current code requirement. I can put in a brand new fuse panel today on new construction if it has type S fuse adapters.

Usually, I take the approach that if it’s working, leave it alone. However from the original description, the wiring in the house is probably pretty old and may not have enough capacity to service the needs of a family today.

The last time I saw a fusebox instead of a subpanel, everything was running off of 4 fuses and had obviously been blowing them (a tall stack of spare fuses were sitting inside the box). The wiring was old, no grounds, etc.