Federal Pacific in the news.

Thanks to Jim Simmons for the link.

Thanks for posting the link Stephen.

I inspected a condo at the end of January with a Stab-Lok installed in early 80’s. There were a few defects with the panel:

• Oversized 60 amp breaker
• Two “double” tapped breakers
• Neutrals not isolated
• Copper and aluminum GEC (grounding electrode conductor) terminating at same lug
• Doorbell inside of panel.

I also mentioned the history of the panel, without actually saying this panel needs replaced.

My client is a freelance writer who was living in New York City at the time; and moving here.

She did a lot of research and contacted another writer, also from New York, whom had written previous articles about Stab-Lok panels.

She sent me an email last week to inform me she is going to write one herself and when she finds a publisher she’ll let me know. If/when that happens I’ll share.

The owner of the condo complex is closely related to RE agency that had the listing, whom I’ve performed Many inspections for over the last few years. My client presented her research info and demanded for the Stab-Lok panel to be replaced.

I’ve only received 1 referral from that agency since that inspection.

I do not open them and had one just last Saturday.

Just sent the client this link as he has used me twice now and sent me a testimonial earlier tonight so thanks for posting.

I have no trouble opening a Stab-Lok in general.

My client wrote a testimonial also, 1 of 2, that didn’t disappear last week.

I have no trouble opening then either but that is besides the point as I feel an Electrician should be the one to OK it with all the known issues so why should I risk doing so ?
To prove I am a man or something?

There are enough warnings out there that I would feel stupid if anything happened and did not differ.

Might as well operate all the main shutoffs in the home also if we feel like risking it.

Mine all came back on Saturday and today’s inspection was just a few blocks away from me when she found my places page and told me I found out .
Was a “whew boy:” moment.

I copy pasted them right away.

I bring up ismypanelsafe.com right on site for my clients to read when it comes to both FP and Zinsco