Federal Pacific Panel Date

Citizens in Florida is asking for the date of the latest update on this old Federal Pacific panel.

After a carefully reviewing pictures if found “J1977” Stamped on the paper Legend. Would this be evidence of the latest update? See first pic.

2nd pic is from inspectapedia with a similar looking number G1478

This makes me think it is month/year. Other than this after lots of research I cannot find a definitive “date of manufacture” website.


What is the age of the home probably no update done my guess

The home was built in 1955. It probably didn’t have central air at that time. It has central air now.

In 1955 was probably lucky to have a 100 amp panel and if a load test was performed today your panel would most likely fail the test my guess again hard to tell from here

You could use the date system you suggested as that is what several manufacturers use (A-K) 1-12, but there is the possibility it may be original.

You may want to contact these guys: FPE replacement, and they may tell you for sure.

More than likely, it was originally fuses and only had a 60 amp service, no central air, and a gas water heater and range.

When the central air was added, they upgraded the electric to, hopefully, 150 amps and changed to breakers. I base that on the physical size of the door in your picture, as the 100 amp FPE panels were much smaller. I can’t make out everything on the label.

Judging by the manner in which the panel was labeled, I wouldn’t be too sure as to who installed it. A permit search may be helpful.