Federal Pacific electrical panels

I inspected a home that had a recalled federal pacific panel installed
in a 1989 home.There were no visual defects,but if a breaker was to go bad they would have to change the entire panel.Can anyone lead me to the re-call information on these panels?


FPE has never been recalled!!

Jeff-The electrician said the panel does not exsist any more.What happens in they burn/or damage a breaker.The electrician said they no longer have the type they would need?

jeff did you see what I wrote back and can you help out?

There are replacement breakers available and still in production. The electrician misinformed you.

There has never been a recall on FPE or its breakers, although the Stab-lok load centers were “branded” as hazardous http://www.inspect-ny.com/fpe/fpepanel.htm

Thats the type of panel Stab-lock.My customer has concerns about this panel.I have noted no visual defects and proper awg conductor,no arcing present but they still insist the seller replace the panel.

Give them the info, send them the link, but don’t say it has been recalled. That simply isn’t true.

I would be one pissed off seller if you made a false statement such as that.

Give them the info…let them argue w/ the seller that isn’t your job, unless they want to split the commission? :slight_smile:

If they want it replaced that is between them and the seller. In either case it doesn’t cost that much to have that done. $100.00 to 200.00 for supplies & labor. A good electrician should be able to change over the panel in under 3-4 hours unless there are some major problems with the original wiring.

Peace of Mind for under $500.00. Am I wrong?

Those must be MI prices Jason. A new 100 amp service sets you back at least $1200 in these parts.

That’s still a small price to pay as far as I am concerned.

These panels are still being manufactured and used in Canada.
I do not know if they are much different then what you have in the USA .
I think that around 50% of the homes I inspect have them .
They are not a big concern and I have seen no more difficulties then I see in other installations .
Roy Cooke sr. Royshomeinspection.com

You have got to be kidding!

I can go to any Home Depot or Lowes and buy a Square D for under $100.00


Square D Company
100 Amp Main Breaker Panel Value Pack

**Item #: 39032 Model: HOMVP5

**Contains: (1) 20 space 20 circuit panel main breaker panel and (5) 20AMP single pole circuit breakers

Square D Company
200 Amp 30/40 Main Breaker Panel Value Pack

Item #: 39537 Model: HOMVP9**$119.00
**30 space, 40 circuit
Contains: (1) HOM3040M200TC panel, (1) equipment ground bar, (6) 15AMP and (6) 20AMP single pole, (1) 30 AMP and (1) 50AMP two pole circuit breakers
For indoor use


32 Space, 200 Amp, Main Breaker Load Center Contractor Kit

Item #: 103821 Model: TM3220CCU2K**$110.00
**Interchanging of GE breakers and load centers with other manufacturer’s products voids GE’s life time warranty
UL listed
200 amp, 32 circuits
Single phase, 3 wire, 120/240/volts AC
Includes the following 1" breakers: ten single pole 20 amp, one double pole 30 amp and one double pole 50 amp
Uses TGK32 ground bar kit if necessary
Factory installed main breaker


200 Amp Indoor Load Center Value Pack

Item #: 101588 Model: BR3040B200V**$99.00
**30 space, 40 circuits
Type BW 10kAIC breaker
Aluminum bus
NEMA 1- indoor use
Includes BR3040B200 loadcenter, With 5-BR120 and 1-BR230 branch breakers


Around here it would be at least $1,200 for a qualified electrician to upgrade to 150 to 200 amp.:wink:

Glad I am not working in YOUR state…NOT worth my time for $ 500.00 bucks…a DIYer maybe…not a REAL contractor…

Try about $ 900 to $ 1,500 bucks…and depending on the amount of work…5-6 hours…

I’m not talking about an upgrade just a replace with the same amp, with no special changes. Just to swap out the old stab loc with newer system. As long as everything else was up to snuff. Electricans don’t get $200.00 an hour. Do they??? It shouldn’t take an Electrican all day to do a swap-out.

Jason…Electrical Contractors have to make MONEY also…we are not concerned about the “COST” of material…we are concerned about being PAID for our SKILL, TIME and QUALITY…not just the cost of material and yes we are going to mark that up also on “Service Changes”

lol…We are not cheap fella…Are you telling me a HI doing a 3-4 hour inspection SHOULD make as much as an electrician doing a 3-4 hour service change…?

What MATERIAL do HI’s have invested in the JOB versus the Electrician for such LITTLE margin of profit.

I have to admit, I have not priced out what the contractors would charge for something like this for about 3 years. So there is a good chance I am way off.

It is not a Per HOUR thing Jason…Service Changes atleast to ME are quoted…not time and material jobs.

Also I would be doing a client an INJUSTICE if I switched out a 100A Federal Pacific with a 100A Square D…just does not seem RIGHT in my mind…but yes if you are speaking of a DIRECT switch off…then you can knock about $ 200.00 off of it…

No you are fine my brother…but the cost of Service Changes are GOING up for many reasons…Labor is higher and Burdon % is higher ( about 9% ) and well it is rough to say but about every year it goes up about $ 100- 150.00 in cost adjustments…

anyway…you are fine my fine fella…again everywhere is different as well and prices to change…the 800-1200 is about average.